Hand-made copper decorative items and home accessories

Nowadays in the age of rapidly developing and changing state-of-the-art technology it is quite a difficult task to keep up with fashion, and unique pieces of art give place to large-scale manufacturing and inauthenticity. But our Metal Art Studio and handmade copper, brass, and bronze decorative items and accessories manufactured here prove that classics is timeless and every home accessory can become an exclusive handmade piece of art.

Can you imagine a space filled with unique handmade copper decorative items? For example, your own room or office, where all the details are one-of-a-kind, where you can feel elegance and sophistication in the air.

It seems hard to believe. But I, Dmitriy Tikhonenko, assure you that this is possible. It is proven over time and in use, and confirmed by a constant demand for products of the Metal Art Studio – copper interior design and home decorative items. Since 1996, we have been engaged in exclusive interior design decoration, due to which we forget about the long familiar design solutions, imposed standards of plastic, cardboard and stainless steel. Our works are copper, brass, and bronze accessories, and the secret of their fairy-tale appeal is the steampunk-inspired design, which is often called "the retro style".

Steampunk interior design

The steampunk style is an artistic style, which combines the classic design and modern functionality, the best craft traditions of working with metal and engineering innovations. Steampunk personifies the dream of the technologies of the 19th century developing up to the level of the 21st century. Steampunk is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world - from European countries to Russia and the USA; there is also a steampunk community in Belarus. Designer clothes, jewelry and accessories for men and women, interior items and even vehicles, bicycles, cars, motorcycles – all that can be decorated in steampunk style.

It's no wonder that steampunk has so many fans - after all, glamour and classicism, digital technologies and vintage, the tradition of Victorian England and the romance of the Wild West are weirdly interlaced. Steampunk in the interior design is in high demand today. Perhaps one of the secrets of its popularity is that people feel that this is not just a momentary fashion craze, but a style that has come for a long time. It can maximally express all your non-standard thoughts and the most challenging ideas. Retro style, alternative history, subtle irony and honesty in the perception of the world and the choice of values – this is all about steampunk.

Truth Cafe, Cape Town (South Africa)

"Truth Cafe", Cape Town (South Africa)

The steampunk style can be applicable even to home interior with that warm and cozy atmosphere which is so important to restore our vitality and energy, and people are especially fastidious about their homes’ design. Currently the projects of apartments and country houses are more and more often created in steampunk style.

These are the reasons I am happy to offer our customers the manufacture of any item or accessory from copper, brass, or bronze, according to the already existing sketches, as well as individually measured and designed – tailor-made.All my works are exclusively hand-made, every detail is processed until it becomes as smooth as silk. We are open to everything new and ready to meet the most challenging ideas of the customer and are pleased to offer the following groups of articles:

Vintage copper coffee machines

A coffee machine is one of the most important attributes in the life of a modern person, it is bought not only for home use, but also for intensive work in the office of any company. Having a cup of coffee in the morning, treating your guest to a coffee, taking a coffee break - these are small, but permanent components of our life. A vintage copper coffee machine will definitely bring a touch of grandeur to any private or office interior. Black and gray coffee machines seem a little ordinary and boring to us. A copper coffee machine in retro style will bring a new atmosphere into the daily coffee ritual.

Vintage bar, restaurant interior design

Describing vintage bar interior we can’t but mention the pub "Britannia", located in Ekaterinburg. The sign of the bar meets visitors, tells the story of the building and brings them to the steampunk-colored world where even the toilet rooms with their unusual liquid soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers of steampunk design attract enthusiastic looks. The vintage shoe cleaner in the lobby and copper beer tower on the bar are worthy of particular attention.


Pub "Britannia", Ekaterinburg (Russia)

Loft style copper lighting

Pendant light fixtures and copper table lamps for the cabinet, industrial lighting, loft lighting, retro lighting and antique lamps, bronze lamps and brass lighting - all this and much more can be created for you by our craftsmen. Nothing to worry that they will not fit into the overall design of the interior, on the contrary, they will add coziness and warmth, charm and glamour to the atmosphere.

Copper wash basins and sinks

We believe that wash basins and sinks are the heart of every kitchen or bathroom. There are few items comparable with them in terms of practical utility and frequency of use. Speaking about usefulness, environmental friendliness and beauty, we mean copper and brass wash basins and sinks. People are tired of the standard stainless steel sinks in their kitchens and increasingly want to buy a sink made of brass, copper or even bronze, emphasizing the uniqueness and exclusivity.

Retro style copper fireplaces

It's not so long ago that a fireplace in the apartment was a pipe dream of a man hungry for the atmosphere of a private house. But times change. Now vintage fireplaces with a firebox can be installed in an ordinary apartment. What could be more romantic than an evening spent with a loved one beside a vintage copper fireplace over a glass of wine? A warm metallic shade of a copper fireplace will make your living room even cozier, and the flashes of the flame will play in a new way on the copper or brass fireplace screen.

Retro style exposed copper pipe wiring

Out-of-the-box solutions are for extraordinary people. Exposed copper pipe wiring in the retro style is suitable for both suburban wooden houses, and for modern industrial loft spaces and conventional apartments. Sockets, light switches, copper fittings – we will not miss a single detail of the exposed copper wiring for your interior.

Сopper range hoods

Pondering on the design of a copper range hood, we understand that it is a very special appliance which design can let our thoughts fly to the most peculiar corners of our imagination. After all, the range hoods can differ in shape, size, ways of fastening, places of installation and many more parameters. Copper kitchen hoods or brass range hoodsх are not just an unusual decoration of the kitchen which is of course performing its immediate function, but also an object attracting so many curious looks.

Vintage microwave ovens

Any modern kitchen is difficult to imagine without a microwave oven. On the one hand, it simply makes our daily life easier, and its physical form should not bother us much. But bright people need alternative solutions. In this case, creating a retro microwave oven is exactly the solution to emphasize a nonstandard approach.

Bronze porthole frames, photo frames

Bronze portholes frames in interior doors can be an interesting design solution. This trend is observed when creating projects for interiors of children's rooms or bathrooms. As a rule, porthole frames are made of brass and bronze in the form of ship's portholes. Also, there are bronze frames and photo frames in the form of bronze portholes in the collection of our works.

Bronze, brass, copper interior design accessories

Bronze, brass and copper interior design accessoriesare aesthetically pleasing, practical and long-lasting. If you are not yet ready to change your interior design completely, you can choose some accessory for its decoration, for example, unique chess sets made of brass; a desk clock made of copper, bronze and wood, or a kitchen railing from copper or brass. A special mood will be created by cast bronze door handles on the entrance doors of a country house.

Retro style television and horn speaker system

Most people can’t imagine how a steampunk tv can look like. Retro tv in copper housing with active horn speaker system is likely to be our most unusual work. A copper and brass stand to fix the vintage television contributes to a unique style of this item. The whole composition has an impressive appearance and respectability.

Vintage kitchen stoves

A kitchen stove in vintage style can become the heart of the whole kitchen where the overall design interior starts to beat. To please our strict and conservative customers we offer cooking surfaces in a brass frame and fine-cut brass handles. A vintage kitchen stove is harmoniously complemented by a copper splashback.


"My goal is to restore links with the past in my works, where the old traditions are combined with new engineering innovations. I create a story for every customer personally, because the touch of the master’s hand infuses a special feeling into every piece of work that even the most accurate modern machine can’t give".

Sincerely yours, Dmitriy Tikhonenko

The author of the works Dmitriy Tikhonenko

The author of the works Dmitriy Tikhonenko