Bronze porthole frames, photo frames

Bronze porthole frames and photo frames

Bronze items are distinguished by bright and recognizable color, which refines the most ordinary accessory and makes it look unusual. Bronze portholes and frames add coziness and look great in any interior. Throughout their history brass and bronze have enjoyed great popularity and are still in high demand in contemporary design and art.

Bronze porthole frame by Dmitriy Tikhonenko

Bronze porthole frame by Dmitriy Tikhonenko

A natural bronze shade matches other materials and colors, so bronze items are suitable for interiors in different styles. There are a huge number of solutions with the application of bronze portholes frames and photo frames in the decoration of interiors.

Experience in manufacture of bronze porthole frames and photo frames

Planning to combine a variety of metals, you need to treat this process responsibly and turn to professional designers. Over the long years of work with bronze, we created a huge number of unique interior designs. Recently, it has become very popular to decorate the walls of bedrooms, children's or living rooms with bronze porthole frames and photo frames. These items placed in prominent places allow you to give an elegant touch to any interior.

One must bear in mind that when decorating a house with copper, brass or bronze items certain principles should be followed. Such items will transform the interior only if used in limited quantities and certain places. Undoubtedly, the right choice of bronze interior accessories will underline the high status and good taste of the owner of the house and attract everyone's attention.

Bronze photo frames in interior design

Unique bronze hand-made interior items are more expensive than forged ones, but they look much more attractive. The perfect tailor-made design of bronze photo frames will give any place an original and unique color and fill it with comfort and luxury.

Since our bronze frames do not lose their appearance over time, but only look nobler due to patina formation, they will please you with their appearance and functionality for many years.

It is significant that one should be moderate about applying porthole and photo frames in the interior, since bronze does not tolerate a frivolous attitude towards itself. The interior which is over-saturated with bronze items can look vulgar. A small bronze accent will be enough to improve the general design. Bronze frames in the right places will emphasize the individuality of the style and highlight your home.

Designer bronze porthole frames

Designer bronze porthole frames are perfect decorative items. The tailor-made porthole frames have a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance, and claim to be the real art objects.

To change your room there is no need to start long and exhausting renovations, change all the furniture, and wallpaper. A couple of designer ideas is enough – placing hand-made porthole frames and unique photo frames in prominent places, and the interior design of any room will play with new colors.

Porthole frame by Dmitriy Tikhonenko

Porthole frame by Dmitriy Tikhonenko

The porthole frames apart from their decorative function can play a practical role. A porthole mirror can decorate a bathroom or a corridor. Porthole frames in doors and walls of residential and public buildings function as an opening for light, and attach style and originality to the space.