Copper, brass and bronze items

I, Dmitriy Tikhonenko, am the founder of the Metal Art Studio where unusual copper, brass and bronze decorative items and accessories are created.

My creative career in this sphere began many years ago. From early childhood I was attracted to handcrafted things. I remember myself always making things, tinkering with something. My army service on the ship had also a great influence on my fate: I was interested in everything there – starting from "scrubbing" of the ship's deck to cleaning copper portholes and other copper items. It was then that I noticed the beauty and uniqueness of such metals as copper, bronze and brass. Their warmth attracted and allured me, and over time, I began to build my collection of antique and just old copper, bronze, brass items and accessories. And I would like to tell more about these metals.

History and properties of copper items

Our remote ancestors used copper and its alloys in their domestic needs, work and even battles. Copper and bronze were used in the 1800s before Christ and belong to the oldest metals of mankind. Therefore, I wish people showed respect for these metals. Copper has long been well known for its medicinal properties. It is believed that it can cure dozens of diseases. Copper is also noted for its antibacterial properties, according to which it is second after silver. Although it does not kill germs instantly, they die after a few hours of contact with copper. It is fair to say that a copper range hood or a copper sink are outstandingly clean items, while germs can feel good on stainless steel, stone or porcelain for weeks and months.

Ancient copper coins

Ancient copper coins

Benefits of copper, brass and bronze home decorative items

As time passed I came to understanding that not only my hobby but also my work is connected with the past. My main professional activity then was work with household appliances. My aim was to reach a balance where the old traditions are well combined with new engineering innovations. I realized that such a balance can be reached in every appliance – a copper coffee machine, television or even a mobile phone. Metal can be applied anywhere – from book shelves made of pipes to covering furniture with metal sheets.

The application of metal in interior design has plenty of advantages:

  • - Beauty. The attraction of a warm tone and soft radiance of copper, brass, and bronze items in the interior can hardly be overestimated.
  • - Durability. Natural material is as a rule more durable. However, it should be remembered that to prolong the service life of copper, brass, and bronze items, they require constant care.
  • - Modernity. Natural materials in creating interiors are in fashion as never before. Do not be afraid of mixing styles. The colors of copper or brass are suitable for almost any interior.
  • - Uniqueness. A copper item will bring something unusual into any neutral interior design.


Интерьер в стиле стимпанк: натуральные материалы, медные светильники, медные колонки

Steampunk interior: natural materials, copper lighting, copper speaker system

Customized manufacturing of copper, brass and bronze items

You can simply buy copper decorative items, or you can create a whole world in which dreams come true. And we, the workers of the Metal Art Studio - the wishmasters - we create customized copper, brass, bronze items and accessories. With our help fantasies become real, and you find yourself in a completely different world and live the story of your own life in an exclusive setting and fantastic scenery of the highest standard. At the heart of our work is a responsible, highly professional approach, an appeal to the best traditions of the old times, when works were created on the principle of the golden ratio, when natural harmony and beauty were valued.

Copper Home Decor

You could think that to introduce copper items into your interior you will need to change your home drastically, but there exist a lot of copper, brass, bronze accessories which we do not see as something unusual. These decorative items are special and are very pleasing for the hosts and for their guests. We can prove it through the example of chess. Have you ever seen brass chess? Here they are.

Brass chess

Brass chess

Exceptionally fine, aren’t they? Every brass chess piece was drawn in detail by a designer, and handmade by a craftsman. The board is made of oak with brass elements. It’s a pleasure to play such brass and copper chess with a professional player. It can also become an interesting instrument in teaching your child to play this game. Your fiend would also be happy to get brass and copper chess as a present?

Distinctive features of copper items production

All copper items created in our Studio have their own production features. Every product is exclusively handmade, every single smallest detail. The metal is polished so thoroughly that it becomes as smooth as silk. Only natural materials are used - copper, bronze, brass, and never - synthetics, dyed plastic or polymers. We focus our attention on high quality, ergonomics, environmental friendliness and practical utility of our work. Every copper, brass, and bronze item has the craftsman’s mark, it is assigned an individual number to preserve its further history and description in the catalogue of our workshop.

A cozy kitchen with a cupboard «Rekvizit»

A cozy kitchen with a cupboard «Rekvizit»


We create the history of your home, the interior with copper home decor accessories, where every object filled with harmony, beauty and grace will store a warm atmosphere, an indescribable comfort and remind you of the romantic time of real knights and noble ladies. We care about the high quality of life and the comfort of our customers.

Dmitriy Tikhonenko