Vintage copper coffee machines

Vintage copper coffee machines

Coffee is my medication,
Savoury warm embrace.
Supplies me with motivation
To get me through rough days.

©, 2017 Phil Capitano ¹

People dedicate poems to coffee. Some of us can hardly imagine the beginning of the day without coffee. Vintage coffee machines are the craze among professionals, the best models fall into the annual ratings of international expert agencies. "A cup of coffee, please!" – is the most frequent phrase in cafes around the world. So how do we make one of the most popular drinks in the world?

Types of coffee machines

All preparation methods can be divided into the following groups, depending on the interaction of water with coffee: boiling, steeping, filtration (dripping) method and injection under pressure.

Boiling The most ancient method and the most common until the middle of the 20th century (still actual in the East). The main vessel for making coffee in Arabic is the Turkish coffee pot (cezve). Traditional materials for Turks have always been copper, but there are also ceramic, glass, silver and aluminum cezves.

Coffee pots on a copper coffee maker

Aluminium coffee pots on a copper coffee maker by Dmitriy Tikhonenko

Steeping In this way, coffee is made in a French press (a piston coffee maker) and a vacuum coffee maker.

Filtration (dripping) method. The principle of a drip coffee machine operation is steady: water drips through the filter with ground coffee.

Pressure. A group that includes the majority of devices. The simplest are geyser coffee machines in which water under the influence of steam passes through coffee (while it absorbs more substances than with a drip method). Espresso coffee machines (capsular, combined, carob or automatic) are the most popular in the world. They have a complex mechanism of heating water and injecting steam and allow you to get a drink of the most saturated flavor and rich taste.

Customized coffee machines

Regardless of the type of a vintage copper coffee machines, they all serve one purpose: refine the taste of coffee. However, at present people pay attention not only to quality, but also to the style of what surrounds them in everyday life. And they often require special attention and an individual approach to their desires.

Thus, recent years are marked by growing demand for individual modifications of various household appliances, including coffee machines and coffee grinders. Customized retro coffee makers occupy a worthy place in many modern cafes, bars and restaurants where they are not only a utilitarian subject, but also a starting point for setting a theme for the whole business.

Сoffee machines in retro style

The technique is customized in various styles - futuristic, bionic, constructivist. However, the most common style for tailor-made coffee machines is retro style. Vintage is becoming more and more popular in many areas of life: literature, fashion, computer games, art. Industrial designers haven’t forgotten about it as well. Together with architects and interior designers, they create an internal appearance of the premises, which brings people back to those times when the light was warmer, people had better materials and a quieter life.

The interiors, which combine the old and the new - steampunk and loft – with such hallmarks as industrial elements, natural shades, thoughtful lighting, high ceilings and unusual accessories, are particularly attractive.

Copper coffee machines look great in the interiors of private houses, the owners of which spread the steampunk style further to other interior items (for example, a old-fashioned kitchen appliances in combination with a steampunk coffee machine). Copper coffee machines dress modern restaurants, bars and rock clubs vesting them with exceptional beauty and introducing elements of brutality and masculinity.

Modification types of customized coffee machines

It is worth adding that there are two modification types of a customized espresso coffee machine: external and functional. The external modification includes the transformation of the form using the prevailing material (wood, brass, glass, etc.), color selection, adding accents and highlighting. Functional modification implies the improvement of electronics, the improvement of mechanical and hydraulic properties, as well as, often, the change of function. The result is a vintage coffee machine on the outside, containing the latest technology inside.

Copper Joe after external and functional modifications

«Copper Joe» after external and functional modifications

Any transformations are available at Dmitriy Tikhonenko's Metal Art Studio, where every customer's wish is treated with special attention, and artists, designers and craftsmen create unique things that meet the tastes of the most demanding customer.

Bars and restaurants interior items

But vintage coffee machines are not the only thing that becomes a decoration of private and public interiors. In the workshop of Dmitry Tikhonenko we give an incredible look to any equipment. Bars and restaurants interior items are transformed accessories that meet the tastes of the most demanding customer. We listen to every request of our client, and our designers and craftsmen create truly stylish and unusual things.

¹ Our friend - Canadian poet and coffee lover, Phil Capitano prefers a dark, rich brew every morning. To see more of his award-winning poetry check out his book Roses On The Moon or visit his website: to order your copy.