Coffee machines for home, office, and coffee shops

Table of Context:

  1. The difference between a coffee machine and a coffee maker
  2. Features of using pod and capsule coffee machines
  3. Features in the preparation of coffee in professional coffee machines
  4. Advantages of coffee machines in retro style

Often, in places where you will need to frequently prepare coffee, it is quite natural to want to improve the process of preparation and make coffee or espressomore aromatic and tasty with minimal time spent on its preparation. To solve this problem, you will need to make the right choice when picking out a coffee machine for home or in an office environment.

Before choosing your equipment for making coffee, you need to understand the difference between a coffee machine and a conventional coffee maker, know the types of coffee machines, the features of each of them, and also understand the positives and negatives of each one. A good coffee machine costs several times more than a conventional coffee maker and does not always justify the cost of purchasing it. Among other things, you need to understand that not every coffee machine is suitable for use at home. Decide which category the coffee machine for your purposes belongs to.

Which is better to choose: a coffee machine or a coffee maker?

All devices for making coffee are divided into two main types: coffee machines and coffee makers.

Both coffee machines and coffee makers have a large number of subclasses. Capsule coffee machines, which can be found on the market, are not actually coffee machines, in fact they are coffee makers. It is for this reason that the cost of capsule coffee machines is several times lower than that of traditional coffee machines, and they correspond to the most common carob coffee makers.

The main difference between coffee machines and coffee makers is the minimal participation of a person in the process of brewing coffee, even if it is brewed from whole grains.

In some cases, marketers call some models of coffee machines automatic, which is not entirely correct. Each coffee machine is designed to make coffee in automatic mode and any clarifications like an automatic coffee machine are nothing more than a marketing ploy. If the coffee machine does not prepare coffee in automatic mode, it will already be the most ordinary coffee maker.

Based on what was said earlier, it follows that making coffee from already ground beans bought in a store or ground yourself, initially makes the coffee machine the most ordinary coffee maker. And any mention of a coffee machine is nothing more than a marketing ploy.

Features of using pod and capsule coffee machines

Brewing coffee in a capsule or pod coffee machine is only possible using special containers (capsules, pods) with ground coffee. It is for this reason that when buying such a coffee machine, you are automatically forced to use these capsules and pods, and without them you will not be able to make coffee for yourself. If you are ok with this, then you can simply choose a coffee supplier whose product you like, and you can always buy capsules or pods for your coffee machine from them.

It would be wrong not to write about a number of positive aspects in using capsule or pod espresso machines both at home and in the office:

  1. Pods or capsules are hermetically sealed, which is why each cup of coffeeor espresso from such an espresso machine will not differ much in taste and richness from coffee brewed in front of you by a barista on a professional espresso machine;
  2. By using pods or capsules, you can always count on not having to wash or clean your espresso machine every time you make coffee or espresso for yourself or your guest. Especially often these espresso machines are used in offices that are not equipped with separate lounges.

All these machines are simple in design and small in size. For each of us, these features are positives for some and negatives for others. However, having such a simple coffee machine at home or in the office, our workshop can make it look and feel special. Having such a coffee machine at home or in the office will set you apart from many others, and the process of creating coffee will become more of a ritual than just a duty.

For example, an ordinary pod coffee machine, after our customization, became such a retro pod coffee machine:

Pod coffee machine

Pod coffee machine

Pod coffee machine

Pod coffee machine

Pod coffee machine

Pod coffee machine

Pod coffee machine

Pod coffee machine

An ordinary coffee machine for home has become a capsule coffee machine for the house Eastern Beauty:

Understanding the needs of the office and the need for a cup of coffee for each employee or guest, we created this retro Witcher coffee station:

Features of making coffee in PROFESSIONAL COFFEE MACHINES

Not every person can make good coffee in a professional coffee machine. This task is best handled by a professional barista who has serious experience in this business and has completed a special training course. However, with a strong desire, you can learn how to make decent coffee yourself.

You can prepare coffee in a professional coffee machine, the taste of which will allow you to escape from everyday work and relax for a couple of minutes, if you choose good coffee beans.

How to choose the right coffee beans:

  • To prepare the most rich and aromatic coffee, you need to use freshly ground beans. Professional coffee machines have a built-in grinder with the function of choosing the degree of grinding of grains, so there will be no problems with this issue.
  • It is important to choose the right degree of grinding beans, there is no single formula, and this is best done by a professional who has significant experience in making coffee. The taste of coffee largely depends on the degree of grinding of grains. Therefore, when choosing a coffee machine, you need to take into account the power of the built-in coffee grinder, which should meet your needs. Excessively fine grinding of beans under the condition of low power of the coffee machine will not allow the coffee to be warmed up enough and its taste will not be saturated enough. To make delicious coffee yourself, you will need to experiment a lot with the degree of grinding of beans of a certain variety.
  • When choosing a coffee variety, you need to focus on your taste, however, pure Arabica will give the brewed coffee the most intense aroma.

In coffee machines with a built-in coffee grinder, the beans are ground just before the drink is brewed, so the maximum amount of aromatic substances is retained in it. In addition, in the coffee machine, the steam-water mixture passes through ground grains under high pressure, which means that the taste, richness, and aroma of the drink will be at the highest level. However, you need to understand that the coffee machine itself will not brew delicious and aromatic coffee, for this you need to follow some rules.

How to make aromatic coffee in a professional coffee machine:

  • Learn how to choose the right coffee beans.
  • Try not to use ground coffee that is too fine. This can lead to rapid clogging of the device, or loss of taste and aroma when preparing a drink.
  • To avoid the formation of froth on the heating elements and not to destroy plastic parts, only cold, filtered water should be poured into the tank.
  • Coffee should be prepared at a temperature of 90-98 °С.
  • After the coffee machine is turned on, you need to give it time to warm up.
  • When the coffee machine has warmed up and is ready to use, take a cup and warm it up with steam or boiling water.
  • Next, grind the coffee beans and put them in the holder.
  • When ground coffee is poured into the holder, you need to compress it. This is a rather important process in the preparation of aromatic coffee. To do this, we will use a handmade temper from Dmitry Tikhonenko. When tempering ground coffee, the force must be within 13-15 kg, the movements must be clear and fast, otherwise the taste of the finished coffee will be spoiled. After tempering, you need to carefully remove the remnants of ground coffee, install the holder in the coffee machine, substitute the cup and turn on the steam-water mixture.
  • To give your favorite taste to brewed coffee, you can add various components to it (liquor, whiskey, chocolate, syrups, ice cream).

Although the coffee machine does not allow you to make many types of flavored drink, but on the basis of espresso you can prepare a large number of coffee drinks with your favorite additives that will decorate a simple breakfast, a festive dinner or a business lunch.

Despite the long description of the process, making coffee in a professional coffee machine is relatively simple and fast, as you can actually see for yourself.

Now that you know how to make aromatic coffee in a professional coffee machine, you can think about choosing the right design. Buying a good coffee machine makes life much easier for lovers of an invigorating and aromatic drink. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of recipes for making good and aromatic coffee using coffee machines. Not all of them will suit your taste, but, in any case, you can choose your option and enjoy excellent coffee.

Advantages of coffee machines in retro style

It does not matter at all what type of coffee machine you decide to buy for yourself, in any case it is designed to make delicious and aromatic coffee. In the modern world, people pay close attention not only to the quality of products, but also to the style of everything that surrounds them daily. That is why special attention and an individual approach to all the wishes of the buyer is required.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in demand for customizing standard models of household appliances on an individual order, including retro-style coffee machines. Retro-style coffee machines, custom-made from standard models, play a key role in many bars and restaurants, setting the tone for the interior design of the entire establishment.

Household appliances are customized in various styles and directions, but the most common style for coffee machines today is the retro style. Vintage style is becoming the most popular in all spheres of life, including industrial design. Together with architecture and interior design, the vintage style of household appliances helps to create an interior look that takes us back to the old days, when the lighting was warmer, building materials were of better quality, and life was more measured.

We will be glad to be presented to your attention and we will listen to your criticism of products made of copper brass, and bronze in retro style from the workshop of Dmitry Tikhonenko!