Apartments in loft style

Renovation in LOFT style (steampunk) in the interior is essentially like stepping into an alternative reality. There is no place for electronics or the latest technology here, instead, mechanization with steam mechanisms is largely used. LOFT style design combines the past and the future, as if time froze in the Victorian era and the world began to develop in a different direction.

Designers who create LOFT style interiors get their ideas from architecturer of the 19th century. People back then thought that complex mechanisms, turbines and steam engines would be the main developments in the future. Such images are realized in the details of the interior and create a special gloomy look, which is a characteristic feature of the style.

Interiors in steampunk style follow the literary tradition. Solid wood and leather furniture, a library, carpets, antiques, fabric paneling or wallpaper on the walls, wood or natural stone on the floor - all these are signs of a wealthy household characteristic of the 19th century. Such furniture and materials will be quite expensive, but the authentic look of the interior will be well worth it.

LOFT style renovation views mechanisms and engines as symbols of movement and progress - the future is connected with them. The style implies full immersion into the atmosphere of technology - decorating the apartment with gears, pipes, valves, chains, radiators, disks, levers, bolts, pendulums, sensors, even if they are just photos.

In a modern metropolis it is not easy to find suitable and unusual objects, and it is even more difficult to make installations from them, because we are talking about handling complex mechanisms. But in our workshop such LOFT style interior items are custom made to your order. You can also look for something interesting on dedicated steampunk websites.

Main features of LOFT style renovation

LOFT is a relatively young style that emerged at the end of the last century. It has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. LOFT style renovation incorporates incompatable elements that somehow work together beautifuly - the past's interpretation of the future. In itself, this property of combining two opposites makes this style completly unique.

At the same time brutality and romance, coziness and inaccessibility of museum exhibits "coexist" in this style. We offer you to familiarize yourself with this unique style and the possibilities of its use in the interior.

In order to understand what the LOFT style is all about, imagine the future through the eyes of a person who lived in the 19th-20th century. At that time, the future was seen behind mechanization - no one thought that electricity would take over. Therefore, the machines of the future in the interpretation of steampunk would all be powered by steam engines.

Gears are the main "engine of progress" and are the symbol of the steampunk style. The following characteristic directions can be attributed to it:

  • Urban;
  • Sci-fi;
  • Industrial trends combining retro and futurism

And here are the main features from which you can easily recognize the LOFT style in an interior:

  • All modern pieces of furniture are stylized in antique style, painted in copper color, covered with wood;
  • Only natural materials are used in the interior and in the decor;
  • Antique decor items - maps with tags marking treasures, gears in the decor of furniture, compasses and similar devices;
  • Lighting is by no means created by modern lamps - they are stylized as gas lamps or Victorian sconces;
  • Antiquities can be found everywhere - gramophones, typewriters, antique telephones, copperware.

Features of this style:

  • stylized equipment and decorations;
  • an abundance of antiques and aged surfaces;
  • steam mechanisms in interior details - real or painted;
  • original lighting, for which you should use stylized lamps.

Materials used in LOFT style renovation

The LOFT style works well in rooms with natural wood, glass, metal interior items. Wall decoration should be made of wood, you can use paint and plaster, glue photo wallpaper with the image of bricks. If the walls themselves consist of this material, it is better to leave them without finishing, it is quite consistent with the direction.

You should paint the ceiling in whitewash or white paint, but wood also looks appropriate. Suitable flooring - tiles, parquet or laminate. As you have already understood, you should only use naturl materials when decorating the interior, therefore, plastic should not be used in. LOFT style renovation. Therefore, the appearance of even household appliances, regardless of their size or purpose, should at least imitate natural wood or metal. But do not worry, you still have a wide veriety of materials to choose from - glass, leather, ceramics, stone, brick, and more. The main thing is that the "naturalness" of the interior should be felt in everything.

The walls can not only be furnished with wood, but also painted in colors appropriate to the style, or a wallpaper with a checkered pattern or stripes. Brick walls will also be appropriate. You should use tiles or paving stone to create the floor (which are used in bridges - do not confuse with paving tiles). The ceiling should be covered with wood and metal, add arches in the interior. Parquet covered with varnish will look good. Steampunk style renovation is impossible to imagine without an ornate staircase - wooden or metal.

Again, you should use only natural materials. You can look at photos of steampunk style loft apartments. The walls are stripped down to the brick. If the interior can not do without modern materials, then you can use laminate, linoleum, veneer and acrylic paints. The same laminate or linoleum should imitate the wooden surface. A door made of solid sheet iron will add a special feeling of realism to the interior.

Loft style renovation

The main color palette of the LOFT style is muted warm colors. Cream, brick, and beige tones go well with shades of dark brown and even black. Trims of walls and ceilings are decorated with similar colors, additionally, you can use decorative details as an accent. Mysteriousness of the steampunk style increases with the help lighting and color schemes. It feels as if you have entered into a mysterious alternate reality - the world of steam engines.

Metalic colors fit LOFT style renovation perfectly. Shades of copper, silver, brass, bronze and gold go well with blue, green, and gray tones. Basically, the whole color scheme should be warm tones that make you feel cozy in the interior - light beige, red-brown tone and even black. No less important are shades of various metals: copper, brass, bronze and gold. The use of blue or green shades can give the room an effect of mystery and "smokiness".

Choosing LOFT style furniture

The time frame of this style is the Victorian era, so antique furniture elements will look great here: leather sofas, large armchairs, open bookshelves, racks, metal chairs, creative stylized items and antique furniture. You can create your own exclusive design of the premises, if you master some items with your own hands. Shelves made of metal pipes or an iron table will look good.

One of the most interesting parts of this style is the LOFT style furniture. It is unique because it combines retro and futuristic styles into one.

Below we offer common examples of LOFT style furniture:

  1. When it comes to the living room, the centerpiece is a heavy sofa that is covered in coarse dark fabric or genuine leather;
  2. The table has the same impressive dimensions and is often installed on an elevated position;
  3. Coffee tables can be made in two variants: either in Victorian style, or decorated with gears or clockwork mechanisms;
  4. LOFT style interiors have bizarre shapes and details that were not found in the past and are not characteristic of our future;
  5. Some things can be used as furniture even if they were never intended for this purpose - scraps of metal pipes, for example, fixed on the walls in the form of shelves.

Of course, it is not entirely necessary for all these items and accessories to serve some purpose other than to decorate the interior. The main goal is to fill in the empty space and make the design feel "museum-like". Every detail, every object should attract attention and catch the eye. After all, this is, in fact, one of the variants of our possible, but unrealized future.

This style also has a lot of elements of travel and adventure:

  • Submarine imitation - hatches, valves, compartments, portholes, bronze photo frames;
  • Sailing tools - compasses, old maps, binoculars;
  • Accessories for diving, which were used in the 19th century - old diving suits, tanks with air, and other items.

Don't forget about gears - they should be everywhere and used in combination with other accessories. Starting from drawings and inlays, ending with decorative panels using gears of various sizes. The interior in steampunk style has to contain items imitating a steam engine or streamlined airship shapes.

An abundance of clock parts is a very important attribute to this style. You can hang clocks on a wall, stand them on the floor, or use them to decorate a coffee table.

As for household appliances, modern plasma TVs or microwave ovens do not fit into this style at all. Therefore, many designers work with these details to create truly fantastic household items. Just imagine, a laptop made of a varnished wooden case with a typewriter keyboard. Truly unimaginable, but real. Each such object is a real work of art that you would want to add to your interior.

Jewelry and accessories in LOFT style

Modern household appliances and various electrical appliances will need to be stylized in steampunk style: built-in models and designer kits can help with this. LOFT style decorations can be in the form of black and white photos, images in frames made of metal, unique pieces of artwork made of out pipes, chains, plates and gears. Handmade items in LOFT or steampunk style will help to decorate the interior. Accessories related to travel and research will complement the futuristic look of the room.

Steampunk style in the interior looks as if treated with "sepia", so bright accessories of acid shades will not fit here. The walls are decorated with monochrome photos, old faded paintings, maps with marks, drawings of various equipment, clocks and clock parts. You can put a typewriter or sewing machine, an authentic globe, a worn compass on a table to add to the look of the interior.

You can also make some decor elements by yourself: you can make an art piece out of gears and make a frame out of old wood or pipes. Post-apocalyptic fiction and pirate themes arent the only elements that go well with this style. The early sea exploration theme also fits in well: old diving suits, aquariums, and portholes. In some interiors you can even find whole boats or parts of them.

In a LOFT style kitchen, arrange enameled or copper dishes with scuffs, get yourself an iron stove or its imitation, you should also buy a vintage coffee grinder.

Varieties of LOFT style renovation

LOFT in the interior can be in different forms, depending on the size of the room and the look that the owner wants to achieve. If you want a complete immersion in the world of technology and mechanisms, then it is worth stylizing all the furniture and objects, so that the room resembled a stage of a theater. It is possible to limit the use of individual elements of the direction, which harmonize with the main style. There is also the option of hinting on the theme of the future, but not revealing the whole essence of the style.

Several styles of LOFTs:

  • Traditional Orthodox. This style is most often used in public spaces. In residential areas, this direction is mainly used in the kitchen and in the office.
  • Light. The most popular style, with which it is easy to decorate almost any home.
  • Motives. A design that leaves only hints of the main style in interior decor.

Tradtional Orthodox LOFT. Rooms in dark colors, with dim lighting and a lot of antique and historical household items. The main features are a clear adherence to style, an abundance of antiques and a spirit of fantastic adventure. Rooms look like halls with museum exhibits, a lot of small details take up space and can even be somewhat overwhelming. Most often orthodox LOFT style designs are used in pubs, bars and restaurants, because in a house or partment it will look heavy and bulky, lacking coziness in the rooms. Also LOFT style is quite expensive to realize in your home, as it requires the help of a designer and the use of only natural materials.

Light LOFT. Integrating this style into your interior is much easier, because it involves the presence of stylized objects as accents. Modern trends go perfectly with steampunk styled art objects - modern, loft, gothic, neoclassical blend perfectly with this style of interior design.

LOFT motives. This design allows you to use images and even stickers of details on surfaces instead of using authentic materials. This can be detailed wallpaper, paintings, textiles, tiles, or posters. Images of fantasy plots, scientific discoveries, travel, and adventures all work harmoniously against the background of other styles. In this way you can bring a touch of innovation and originality to your home.

Metals which are essential to LOFT style renovation

The main metals that are used in LOFT style renovation: are copper, bronze, brass and iron. They are used in various furniture, lamps, household appliances and household items. Their images are on paintings and photo wallpapers, build your overall design around the metal products.

Examples of steampunk style interiors

Steampunk style renovation of a room always looks unique. It is best to decorate a private house or a very spacious apartment in this way. For a small home, you can use a few decor details that will bring a novelty effect to the room.

Steampunk renovation is characterized by mystery and some gloominess of colors. This can be achieved with the help of properly selected lighting. It should emit soft, diffused light. At the same time, the lamps themselves shouldn't have a romantic look, but instead a rough one.

It will be ideal if the light sources can make a steady humming sound or even crackle and flicker. Steampunk lighting fixtures are Victorian style chandeliers and lamps - antique and metallic. And don't forget about the previously mentioned gas lamps.

A living room, kitchen or bathroom decorated in LOFT style will be completely transformed into extraordinary, creative and bright rooms, as if it came to us from an unreal dream world. Such an interior is an embodiment of the plots of the books of science fiction writers H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, attracting individualists and avid dreamers.

LOFT style living room

The design of a LOFT style living room will give the impression that non-standard and creative people, who like originality in everything that surrounds them, live here. Warm shades of furnishings, characteristic of the direction, make the room cozy and comfortable. Bulky furniture made of wood complements the overall look of the room. The main material of the style is natural leather, but textile items should also be used once in a while. Large pieces of furniture in the classic style, which reminds England in the Victorian era, will work well here. Modern furniture and appliances will not fit into this style of room, so you will have to look for exclusive models or master them with your own hands.

A good place to put the TV will be a frame of copper pipes. Such a design will allow you to fit modern household items into an antique interior. If you have a fireplace, then you can make it look like a steam boiler. This option will look best in spacious rooms, and in small rooms it is worth limiting yourself to an imitation or image of the subject.

LOFT style bedrooms

Let your imagination run wild when renovating a bedroom in LOFT style For example, you can design your bedroom to make it look like a bunker, a ship's cabin, or a submarine. A heavy and massive bed made of natural wood looks beautiful with Victorian carvings. Textiles should be as coarse as possible, in gray, blue and burgundy colors. On the wall behind the bed you can place a huge antique clock, a composition of gears, ancient drawings or futuristic mechanisms.

The walls should be decorated with gray wallpaper, which imitates the surface of metal. A large compass mounted to the wall can also serve as an element of decor If you install decorative arches in the room, you can make it look like a submarine. Cabinets can be decorated with copper pipes, and a globe can be placed on top. The overall style and spirit of the bedroom should look futuristic, but at the same time classic and retro.

LOFT style kitchen

A LOFT style kitchen is like an experimental laboratory where the latest technology is being developed. The tabletop can be marble or wooden, the same applies to the working area. The floor should be covered in tiles that have the same color as stone. The kitchen set should be decorated in dark colors, or monotone shades. Metal handles in the Victorian style will complement the overall impression. Brass and bronze products look impressive against the background of dark wood, and white brick on the walls will beautifully contrast with the furniture. You can complement the interior design with panels with technical themes.

LOFT style kitchen rooms need items of the appropriate style. Many parts can be made with your own hands, it does not require significant effort. LOFT style hoods can be created from metal sheets or even from a barrel with rivets. The entire area of the kitchen can be coverred with decorations: a bar counter, window sills and shelves on the walls. An original lamp with an old-fashioned mechanism above the table will fit perfectly into the overall design of the room.

LOFT style bathrooms

LOFT design in a bathroom interior should have walls covered with waterproof wallpaper with a rough abstract pattern. Engineering connections and pipes should not be hidden, as they emphasize the style. On the contrary, often large parts consisting of many components are added to the bathroom. For the floor choose dark shades, the texture and color of the tiles should resemble natural stone. Rough and porous materials will fit as well as possible.

Near the bathroom, you can leave an open brick wall, as if the room has aged over time. Rough natural materials form the basis of the style and add the right accents. Sanitary ware should look antique, brass will be perfect here. White bathtubs do not fit in here, so you should choose bronze products with their a characteristic shine. If you show imagination and creativity, you can design something quite interesting. For example, you can make the bathtub resemble a small submarine with a ladder for exit. Choose a classic design for your cabinets, you can decorate them with pipes and gears. Gloomy dim lighting is not a disadvantage in such an interior - it creates an authentic atmosphere of antiquity and adventure. Reflective surfaces softly diffuse light, which adds mystery to the room.

Photos in LOFT interior of different rooms

The main room in LOFT style usually creates a sense of creative clutter. And that's a good thing - if it's filled with a lot of small details, your guests will always have something to look at. And for you, this interior will always look new and never get old.

A LOFT style bedroom is gloomy but cozy. The main object in the room that should match the style is the bed. Buy a metal frame and dark bed sheets. Pay special attention to the bathroom in steampunk style. Here open pipes, unusual brass or copper faucets, iron sinks, mirrors in metal frames will all look good.

You can recreate a steampunk atmosphere in the kitchen with open metal or wooden shelves, rough industrial doors, and a characteristic hood. It is possible to purchase an iron stove - it does not have to be used for its intended purpose, and if you want, you can replace one of the cabinets with it.

The dining area also needs to be decorated. Often the standard table is replaced by a bar counter, with high chairs with wooden or leather seats and a cast iron base attached to it. If necessary, the elements of this style can even decorate children's room - a stempunk styled room will look especially intresting for a boy.

LOFT style lamps

The LOFT style interior is the hideout of Dr. Frankenstein or a brave sailor on a submarine - it should be shrouded in mystery and gloom. Dense curtains and accent lighting will help (Eddison lamps are very popular because of their atmospheric nature). The colors of the interiors correspond to the atmosphere of the steampunk world. They are dark, still reminiscent of the love of technology and gloomy London: gray, brown, golden brown, red-brown, smoky blue, black, powder pink, emerald, wine, navy blue.

Steampunk is a fantasy style that originated in the pages of novels. It is gloomy, a little crazy, glorifying technology and romanticism. Only true fans of steampunk can feel comfortable in it. But there are those who are fascinated and inspired by mechanisms, mysteries and travel, but are not ready to fully embody this style in their interiors. What should they do?

You can stop at a slight imitation or repetition of the elements of the style, above are good examples. They are just as interesting, but much more appropriate in a familiar London apartment. No one prevents you just to be inspired, you do not have to throw yourself into the maelstrom of steampunk head first. Have fun experimenting!