Many people use SMEG appliances, and we have created a microwave, that matches the design and color of SMEG kitchen appliances. We can make the design and color that the customer wants. The client does not need to change their design or redo their kitchen. We can do exactly what you need. Often buying something from copper, brass, or bronze, a person needs something else to complement it - railing, shelf, or something that they wanted, but could not find. We are ready to make it.

The microwave oven has long been an indispensable kitchen appliance. Thanks to it, process of heating food was simplified.

Each microwave oven model is unique and has its own technical characteristics and design. Thanks to this, every housewife can choose a microwave based on her needs, kitchen space and interior.


Built-in copper microwaves

Built-in copper microwaves are a functional and aesthetic option that is installed in kitchen furniture, creating a single composition. It's nice that such an appliance can replace the oven, if it has the necessary functions.

Built-in copper microwaves

Built-in copper microwaves

Control options for built-in copper microwaves:

  • Push-button - control is carried out by buttons;
  • Mechanical - combines buttons and mode switches;
  • Touch - touch screen with symbols.

Push-button and touch screen models of built-in copper microwaves are additionally equipped with automatic cooking programs: heating modes are already built in that can be selected for a specific type of dish, and a copper microwave oven will cook it at the right temperature and the right time.

Built-in copper microwave ovens - equipment and assortment

Built-in copper microwave ovens, like other models, differ in size and configuration.

Accessories that may be included with built-in copper microwave ovens:

  • Lattice for plates;
  • Tray for melted fat;
  • Plastic cover to protect the interior from splashes while reheating food.

Built-in copper microwaves are installed in the kitchen set and size plays an important role here. So, for small kitchens, an oven volume of up to 10 liters is suitable, for spacious ones - you can choose an individual option, up to replacing the oven.

If there are small children in the family, it is better to choose models of copper microwave ovens with an antibacterial coating of the inner chamber. On such surfaces, grease does not accumulate, an unpleasant odor does not appear and bacteria do not multiply.

Freestanding microwave ovens under SMEG


Freestanding microwave ovens under SMEG

Freestanding microwave ovens

Advantages of free-standing microwaves under SMEG:

  • The main thing is that you do not need to adjust the kitchen set, you do not need to add any special shelves to install it on. It is installed on the kitchen surface;
  • Free-standing microwave ovens for SMEG are easy to move around - if you decide to rearrange the kitchen or buy other household appliances and swap their positions around - then this will be easy to do;
  • Convenience during cleaning - all you need to do to properly clean the interior is to just wipe it with a cloth, rag or paper towel.
Designers say that it is not necessary that a free-standing microwave oven under SMEG, like any other kitchen appliance, be in tune with the interior. Original designs are much more beautiful.

Functionality of free-standing microwaves under SMEG

The difference between free-standing microwaves under SMEG, and other types of microwave ovens, concerns functions such as being able to be equipped with a grill and/or convection.

Vintage microwave with grill

A vintage microwave with a grill is almost as good as a standard oven. At the same time, it can cook food faster than an oven can.

When choosing a vintage microwave with a grill, pay attention to the capacity of the chamber. This directly indicates what sizes of products can be cooked in it. So, some models allow you to cook a large chicken. To do this, the volume of the microwave must be at least 25 liters.

Vintage microwave with grill

Vintage microwave

The most profitable grill option is one that's made of quartz. It differs in that it heats food evenly and quickly, while it takes up less area in the chamber, unlike other types of grill.

When buying a vintage microwave with a grill, pay attention to it's power. Grill power directly affects the speed of cooking. For a grill, 1000 watts is standard.

Loft-style microwave with convection

A loft-style microwave with convection makes it possible to cook dishes with a crispy crust. A built-in fan distributes the air flow evenly, so food is evenly cooked from all sides. If the convection function is combined with a grill, it gives additional opportunities for cooking.

Loft-style microwave with convection

Microwave in loft style

Convection, on the other hand, allows you to cook dishes without a rough crust or with one side of the dish getting burnt, which occurs when cooking in a standard oven. A loft-style microwave with convection makes cooking easier, making the process much faster.

Among the additional functions of microwave ovens in the loft style with the convention are:

  • Maintenance of the set temperature;
  • Defrosting;
  • Automatic heating;
  • Fast cooking.

Among the models of microwaves in the loft style with convection, there is such a function as steam cleaning - it makes it easier to keep the device clean, as well as to remove odors.

Microwave of unusual design of large volume

Microwaves of unusual design of large volume contain sets of functions and possibilities for preparing a wide range of dishes. Such modelsare best suited for a large family and for those who often invite guests.

Microwave of unusual design of large volume

Microwave of unusual design

Like other types of microwave ovens, custom-designed microwave ovens can vary in features, design, control options, and installation options.

Microwaves with bronze handles up to 17 liters

Microwaves with bronze handles up to 17 liters in most cases are small and suitable for one person or a small family. If you only need to heat up food, especially for one or two people, then there is no better option than a microwave oven with bronze handles up to 17 liters.

Microwaves with bronze handles up to 17 liters

Microwave with bronze handles

The main advantages of microwave ovens with bronze handles include:

  • Compactness;
  • Optimal internal volume;
  • Ease of installation - in the kitchen, a microwave with bronze handles up to 17 liters will not take up much space, which is important for rooms with a small area.

The power of microwaves with bronze handles up to 17 liters is about 700 watts.

Microwaves with bronze handles differ, like other models:

  • Type of management;
  • Coated chamber;
  • Color;
  • Display;
  • Size.

Retro microwave solo

A retro microwave solo is nothing more than the simplest technique for one person. We are not talking about any cooking, built-in programs and so on. The only thing you can do in most of these models is to heat up food.

Retro microwave solo

Retro microwave solo

Pros of retro microwaves solo:

  • Extremly easy to use- because of it's simple construction;
  • Only for heating food - no need to understand additional settings.

The difference between retro solo microwaves and other types of microwave ovens is that they have different microwave power and design. The power of retro microwave ovens solo varies from 100 watts to 1450 watts. Their size is usually small, which is extremely convenient for a small kitchen.

As a standard for retro solo microwaves is an internal acrylic or enamel coating. Both are easy to keep clean. Some models of retro-style microwaves also involve defrosting frozen semi-finished products.

Simple microwave ovens

Simple microwave ovens do not have any additional functions. Their main functions isto heating food, defrost frozen food, and simple heat treatment. This option is perfect for customers who do not need the functions of steam cleaning, grilling, convection, etc.

Simple microwave ovens

Retro microwave solo

In most cases, simple microwave ovens are equipped with mechanical control and have different sizes: small, spacious up to 20 liters and more.

Before choosing a microwave, it is worth asking the question: what will it be used for? If you need to make sandwiches in it for breakfast and warm up dinner, then why overpay - a simple model or solo will be enough.

When choosing a microwave, pay attention to the coating of the chamber:

  • Stainless steel - retains its original color and is easy to wash;
  • Enameled surface - easier to clean than steel an accumulates less dirt and grease;
  • Ceramics - easy to clean, not susceptible to scratches, but it is fragile at high temperatures.

Microwave volume

The higher the volume of the microwave, the more food can be cooked at once. A microwave oven with a capacity of up to 20 liters is suitable for heating one serving. In a model with a volume of more than 28 liters, you can already fit a whole pan in.

Microwave design

The retro design of the microwave imitates old kitchen appliances. Retro microwave ovens are often equipped with details of an unusual, fanciful shape; brass, bronze and other similar materials are widely used in them. At the same time, in terms of functionality, such models are quite modern and match classic microwave ovens. Note that retro design is not cheap, so it makes sense to pay attention to such models only if the characteristic appearance is fundamentally important to you and you are ready to pay extra for it.

Microwave power

The higher the power of the microwave, the faster the food is heated. The vast majority of models provide the ability to adjust the power. For comfortable cooking, it is recommended that you purchase a model with a power of at least 900 watts. If you plan to use a microwave oven exclusively for heating food, then you can get by with less powerful models.

Microwave controls

The main type of control elements in a microwave oven:

  • Rotary switches. Mechanical rotary knobs are most often used in the simplest budget models: one switch sets the heating power, the other - the operating time (a mechanical timer is built into it). The accuracy of such adjustments is not very high; this is especially true for the operating time (fixed positions can be provided for the power). However, there are also quite advanced microwaves with similar controls - they may provide other ways to use rotary switches, as well as additional microwave controls (for example, buttons).
  • Pushbutton switches. Microwave control using buttons, as a rule, implies the presence of a display - otherwise it would be difficult to control the operation. This option allows you to more accurately set the parameters - in particular, the timer in push-button models is usually electronic; in addition, it is well suited for models with built-in recipes, special modes, etc. Therefore, buttons, as a rule, are a sign of a model with advanced features, the functionality of which is not limited to constant heating at a certain power.
  • Rotary switches with sensors. Control that includes both rotary switches and sensors. The main features of both are described above; here we note that such control, as well as "pure touch", is found mainly in fairly advanced models. Etc…

Mucrowave turnables

The design of a microwave includes a turntable (glass disk), on which a dish is placed for heating or cooking. The swivel design allows you to heat food evenly. At the same time, there are solutions without a table at all - a smooth flat bottom is easier to clean. In this case, no additional energy is spent on rotation, which also favorably affects the noise level.

Microwave turntable diameter

The larger the diameter of the microwave turntable, the larger the dishes that can be heated in the microwave. This parameter directly depends on the volume of the microwave oven.

Microwave power levels

The number of fixed power levels provided in the design of the microwave. The more levels, the wider the capabilities of the microwave, because different tasks require different heating intensity.

Microwave functions:

  • Steam cooking. The possibility of using a microwave oven as a steamer or double boiler. For this, the corresponding accessories are included in the scope of delivery.
  • Inverter. Inverter technology provides better and more uniform heating. In such microwave ovens , the heater constantly operates at the power set by the user (whereas, in the absence of an inverter, the heating power is controlled by periodically turning the heater on / off, and heating occurs in "jumps"). This function will be especially useful for those who plan to use the microwave oven for cooking complex dishes.
  • Grill. Device for cooking in the heat - for example, frying meat. In microwave ovens, the grill usually has the form of a separate heating element installed in the working chamber (most often from above). In this case, as a rule, it is possible to use the grill both separately and in combination with the microwave.
  • Convection. Microwaves with convection are equipped with an additional heating element and a special fan, the task of which is to evenly distribute heated air, which results in some analogue of an oven. Convection microwave ovens cook food more evenly.
  • Personal program. The ability to create your own modes of operation and make changes to existing ones. Only advanced and, therefore, expensive models of microwaves have such an opportunity.
  • Defrost mode.

Opening the microwave door

Opening direction of the microwave oven door:

  • Lateral. The classic option is to open the microwave door to the side (usually to the left, so that it is convenient to unload / load dishes with your right hand). It is found in the vast majority of free-standing (non-embedded) microwaves. As a rule, microwave ovens with a side door opening have a volume no higher than average, up to 25 liters. The thing is that horizontal doors tend to sag, and doors in long and wide microwaveovens will sag even more than usual.
  • Folding. Opening the door forward is similar to a conventional oven. Used primarily in built-in appliances, as well as in some high-end freestanding microwave ovens. Hinged doors are typical for large and roomy microwave ovens, with a working chamber volume of 23-25 liters or more. The hinges of the flap are not subject to sagging, as is the case with large microwave ovens with a side opening of the door. In advanced models, the hinged door is often equipped with a mechanical, gas or hydraulic spring, which allows the door to be held by a canopy.
  • A handle. The door of the built-in microwave oven opens and closes with a handle, while fixing in the closed position is provided by a spring latch. To open such a door, you just need to pull it by the handle, overcoming the resistance of the spring latch. The handle on the door is mainly equipped with roomy microwaves, as well as models with a hinged door.
  • Button. The door opening mechanism automatically ejects the door at the push of a button. To close the door back, the user needs to press the edge of the sash against the lock. As a rule, the open button is used in built-in microwaves with a capacity not higher than average. The push-button opening mechanism is relevant only for models with a lateral door stroke. The button allows you to get rid of the handle, which in some cases can spoil the overall interior of the kitchen, but the weak point of such a mechanism is the lock device itself, which is subject to mechanical wear.

Microwave interior lining

Enamel. The most inexpensive and common type of internal coating of a microwave oven.. At the same time, although the strength and reliability of enamel is generally sufficient for most cases, this material does not tolerate high temperatures, is relatively easily damaged and is prone to sticking of small pieces of food and splashes, which makes cleaning difficult. As a result, enamel is used mainly in inexpensive microwaves.

Acrylic. Another fairly inexpensive material that is not as widespread as enamel, but mainly due to the fact that it has appeared relatively recently. Actually, the main and in fact the only advantage of such a coating is its low cost. At the same time, it is not durable and does not tolerate strong heat, which is why it is used mainly in low-power microwave models with a basic set of features.

Stainless steel. In addition to a solid appearance, the steel coating also has good strength and ability to withstand high temperatures, and it is easy to clean. This is one of the best options if you plan to use the built-in grill extensively. In general, microwave models with such a coating are noticeably more expensive than "enamel" ones, but this is due not so much to the coating as to more advanced features.

Ceramics. Due to its hardness, ceramics resist scratches very well, and food particles practically do not stick to it. This makes such coatings very light.

Steam cleaning the microwave

Cleaning the inside of the microwave with hot steam. To do this, a container with water is placed inside and a special program is turned on. The resulting steam softens even old dirt, and after processing, itis easily removed with a regular rag or sponge.

Microwave display

The presence of the display facilitates the handling of the microwave oven, allowing it to display information about the time, mode, etc. It is found mainly in electronically controlled models, however mechanical ones can also contain a display.

Controlling the microwave oven via the Internet

The ability to control the microwave remotely via the Internet.

The specific way to control the microwave may be different: some models use an application that needs to be installed on a smartphone or tablet, while others use a regular web page that can be opened in any browser. These details should be specified separately. Be that as it may, this function allows you to access control from anywhere in the world where there is access to the World Wide Web. For example, you can download a "blank" for a dish in the morning, and when leaving work, launch a cooking program via the Internet, and get a ready-made hot dish by the time you return home.

We also note that such control usually allows not only to issue commands, but also to receive notifications. In particular, the device can report the progress of the program, readiness, various problems, etc.

Child protection

A very important feature for those users who have children. Allows you to block the device from playful children's hands, thereby avoiding many dangerous situations. The way to disable the lock is chosen in such a way that only an adult can do it.

Country of Origin

The country in which, according to the manufacturer, this or that model is manufactured. Despite the fact that most of the capacities are concentrated in China, European factories for the production of household appliances have not disappeared. And certain models can be produced in them. In general, such a division into a Chinese or European plant should not particularly affect the quality of products, but still the stereotype of a reliable European assembly is present in us. However, it is possible that the model may have a country of manufacture, for example, Poland, and in the store under the same article you mightfind a Chinese microwave.