Copper hoods for the kitchen

We produce handmade copper hoods for kitchens, fireplaces, and barbecues. Now you might be asking why you need a copper hood. If you love to cook, you definitely need a place that looks and functions the way you want it to. Copper hoods bring a touch of sophistication to your cooking space, whether it's in your apartment, home or in the outdoors, and make cooking even more enjoyable. Our artistically designed copper hoods will not only look great in your kitchen, but they will also function just as well as they look. Copper looks great almost anywhere, especially with other natural materials. Copper, with its antimicrobial properties, is perfect for kitchens where hygiene is most important.

We produce copper hoods in various sizes, from smooth or forged copper, straps, rivets, etc. depending on the taste of the buyer and the overall style of the location it is going to be placed in. Unlike Indian-made copper hoods, whose metal thickness leaves much to be desired, our hoods are made out of copper sheets with a thickness of 2 to 2.5 mm and weigh about 30 kg without taking into account the mass of the engine.

There are several different styles of copper hoods. One of the most common is the chimney-effect copper hood, with a large base which gets smaller towards the top. However, some modern hoods are either rounded or square without the fireplace effect. Whatever style of copper hood you choose, it will always look like a work of art in your kitchen, terrace, living room, or billiard room.

In addition to a hood, you can also purchase copper kitchen sinks, copper countertops, panels and much more from us. We're also available to answer frequently asked questions about copper accessories and provide tips on designing and renovating your kitchen and home.

Why copper barbeque hoods should be bought from us

In the copper barbecue hood market, we are among the first to work with this unique material. The experience of working with metal, accumulated over decades, allows us to create an exclusive and well made product only in the highest quality! After you order from us, the next steps become clear as day.

Design of copper hoods for barbecues

Basis for successful implementation. Our "Copper Artel" will design a copper hood for a barbecue according to your dimensions, terms of reference, or sketch. We will offer the best option for your specific installation site, and you will choose the design you like.

Build quality of kitchen hoods made of copper

This is one of the most important quality indicators of copper kitchen hoods. Each connecting seam of the copper sheets is fully welded and ground. We do not use riveted joints. Our hoods are fully sealed and high-quality products for which we give a lifetime warranty.

Filling a copper hood in the kitchen

We produce copper hoods for the kitchen completely as a finished product. On the Internet, you can often find copper hoods that are sold without the insides, which you can later put in yourself to your liking. When ordering a copper hood from us, you do not have to think about how to install the engine, the backlight, the control unit, or the grease filters. We've thought of it all for you.

Our copper hood includes such elements as:

  • Anti-grease filters made of AISI304 stainless steel, increased wear resistance, which can also be washed in a dishwasher many times;
  • LED lights;
  • Silent motor with a capacity of more than 1000 m3 / h;
  • Vibro-noise-insulated material on the inner surface of the copper hood;
  • Control block;
  • Surface treatment with an anti-stain varnish.

Surface treatment of brass and copper hoods

In addition to filling the interior components of the copper or brass hood, we can offer you to pick and choose the color of your copper hood. Thanks to our artist-restorer, we can change the color of copper to suit your interior. It is important to understand that the hood is made of a natural material, so there is no need to paint in a RAL color. Copper is a noble material, which, under the influence of time, gives your hood a unique look. It is up to you to choose the shade of the hood or to keep the bright copper color or to repaint it in a dark color.

Reliable packaging, delivery, and installation

We ship our hoods all over Russia and Europe with the help of transport companies. High-quality packaging is the key to successful delivery of any product.

Copper hoods in the interior of the kitchen

The trend for non-ferrous metals has confidently taken a leading position in the top of the most popular indoor decor techniques, and kitchens are no exception. Copper handles, decorative inserts, frames, emblems... However, that's not all: a spectacular and neat cylindrical hood which color resembles copper will make the kitchen truly stylish. In what interior will it look appropriate, stylish and modern?

Copper is often used in the design of kitchens made in country and Provence styles. Plates and silverware and other decorative items can be made from this metal. Furniture handles, controls and fittings of household appliances can be antique-styled and covered with copper plating. Therefore, a copper-colored hood in such an environment will fit in very well.

Copper hoods in the interior of the kitchen

Copper hoods in the interior of the kitchen

Back in the day, wealthy people, and even members of royal families, decorated their homes with copper products. The warm shade of this metal gives the kitchen a touch of comfort, and the dull sheen looks luxurious and noble at the same time.

A copper hood is also suitable to be used in interiors in retro style. Exhaust products made of copper are also used by designers who decorate loft-style interiors. Do not leave the hood by itself - it works very well when placed next to dishes or a sink of the same shade, in harmony with copper fittings and decorative items.

We manufacture and sell copper dome hoods. The dome of the hood can be either rounded or in the shape of a pyramid. The widths of the 50 and 60 cm models are ideal for stoves with 3-4 burners. Some models are additionally decorated with a thin gilded edging and a stylized manufacturer's logo.

Exhaust devices made of copper or brass are controlled using buttons and sliders. We have provided a choice of different operating speeds. When the maximum speed mode is turned on, the performance of the hood is 400-430 cubic meters per hour.

Copper hoods can be connected to the ventilation duct and can suck air in instead of blowing it around the kitchen. Or do without installing an air duct, equip the device with a carbon filter and use the recirculation cleaning mode. The complete set of exhaust devices provides for the presence of a grease filter made of anodized aluminum.

Which interiors match the copper color of our hoods

Copper is a delicate, refined and noble metal. It is completely devoid of the grandiosity of gold and the coldness that is the hallmark of such metals as silver and stainless steel. A kitchen with copper accents is the choice for those who value originality and individualism.

Copper looks best when it has no other contrasting materials around it. The background for a kitchen with decorative elements and appliances made of this metal can be concrete, as well as red or white brick - popular modern materials that are applicable in high-tech style. A warm brown-gold hue warms up the deliberately "industrial" space, giving it a unique atmosphere and character. It will be appropriate in classic art deco, and in an elegant glamorous kitchen.

Copper does not tolerate competition, and therefore in the best way harmonizes with neutral cold shades: white, gray, black. Rough brickwork, concrete-like plaster, massive wooden beams, warm carpets, a cozy armchair with bright pillows - this is what will create the unique character of the kitchen and emphasize the good taste of its hostess.

What does ship plating have in common with copper air ducts?

In fact, very little is indestructible, except for copper, moreover, it has other very special properties. Biological air pollutants exist everywhere. Their life begins outdoors and also comes from animal feces, pets, insects, and parasites. For the most part, these pollutants do not affect those who do not have any allergies, but opinions differ here. The event of tuberculosis being transmitted is extremely serious. Tuberculosis is transmitted by airborne droplets caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

What can a homeowner do to keep air from getting polluted in their home?

Proper ventilation is essential to ensure that HVAC systems do not harbor fungus, mold and bacteria. Controlling humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent will help prevent condensation or a source of moisture from forming. But the aforementioned means little unless you reduce or eliminate the sources of biological contaminants.

So what can a builder, architect or engineer do to improve the air in your home?

One unique approach is to add copper ducts. This does not only look stylish, but also provides a number of health benefits that are worth taking seriously.

While copper ducts can reduce some of the many air pollutants, they won't solve all of your air purification problems. However, it is clear from many studies that there is significant documentation that does show that using copper ducting will improve home air quality and improve overall indoor air quality.

Products for copper ventilation systems

Ventilation ducts, fittings, and stove hoods can also be made out of copper, thus acquiring the natural antibacterial properties of the material. Available diameters range from 90mm to 500mm including all sizes in between made from 0.6mm thick material.

Segment fittings that connect to pipes can also be made into a system with EPDM seals, which provide an increase in tightness. Copper elbows, tees, reducers and vents are manufactured in segments.

In addition to the functional properties of copper ventilation elements, the characteristic color of copper should also be noted. Thanks to this, the copper element adds uniqueness to the design of modern lofts and stylish retro interiors.

Advantages of copper hoods

Copper hoods are quite unique, because they have a number of advantages, which together give such an unparalleled result, namely:

  • versatility and practicality - copper kitchen hoods harmoniously fit into kitchens of any size that have any elements of furniture or type of renovation and also do not need any special care unlike some other materials;
  • durability - copper products serve for decades without losing their original attractive appearance, since they are not subject to corrosion and are resistant to high humidity, bacteria, and mold;
  • premium appearance that makes the interior look rich and perfect overall.

Brass hoods are distinguished by a special texture and color. They can also last for decades and have high antibacterial properties. The area of such hoods allows you to place a carved ornament in folk style on it. A copper or brass hood will certainly serve you for a long time, pleasing the eye every day. And even if you decide to make a radical renovation in the kitchen, the hood will fit perfectly into the new interior.