Doors with portholes and copper photo frames

Circular windows, also known as portholes, in doors are on almost all ships and yachts. However, nowadays they can even appear in residential buildings. Just like how today garage doors are can be used for something other than garages, bronze and copper portholes are sometimes used in the interior.

Since portholes are available in a variety of materials and sizes, they can add a completely unique touch to your home (both inside and out). But how do you know if a porthole fits right into your home?

Advantages of portholes made of copper, bronze, brass

A bronze porthole frames, photo frames can serve not only as a window, but also as a work of art. Many homeowners use decorative portholes as picture frames with a painting of a landscape placed it, whether it's a view of a sunny beach or a clear lake. A round bronze porthole can be used as a piece of art and the focal point in any room, and especially in the living room. In addition to portholes fitting in perfectly in bathrooms and the attic, portholes can also be used in other areas of the house, such as the doors to these rooms.

Bronze porthole NAUTILUS

Bronze porthole "NAUTILUS"

Bronze portholes can be used to line the walls of your staircase. Using round portholes can not only help draw light as you transition between floors, but also create the illusion of a bigger room.

Another interesting place for portholes is in the bathroom. A bathroom porthole shelf can create an interesting affect when light hits it.

Portholes can be installed directly into the door. Normally, portholes in doors are placed in the middle of the top half of the door. A bunker porthole is a porthole inside another porthole which helps create the feeling of a sea voyage. In the interiors of rooms with an arched ceiling, portholes made out of bronze or copper naturally fit in and look rich.

Brass portholes at home add a stylish touch to the design of any room. Having several bronze portholes lined out in a row on a one wall creates the illusion of being on the seaside.

Disadvantages of Portholes

However, there are some factors that homeowners should consider before installing portholes. Portholes made out of copper and brass work best if the owner of the house is only using them for aesthetic purposes. They may look great with an appropriately themed room or home, but they don't usually serve any particular purpose. In addition, they are not able to let in a lot of light or air.

Copper porthole

Copper porthole

Another disadvantage of portholes is that they do not serve well as escape routes, unlike windows. In case of an emergency (such as a fire), you need a window that is large enough and low enough to crawl through. If you are considering a porthole window, make sure you have at least one larger window in the room.

They look great in the room they are placed in, however, they don't match the outside architectural style. This is not a problem for well-designed homes, but it is a factor to consider.

Decorative porthole mirror, nautical style mirror

When decorating the interior of a room, including in a marine style, mirrors are used fairly often. The shape and size of mirrors are always selected and ordered individually according to the needs and wants of the customer or designer, but most often they order ready-made mirrors from big brands in the form of a ship's porthole. Mirrors are always associated with the bathroom or hallway, but this is a common misconception. A decorative porthole (mirror) can fit almost anywhere and complement your unique marine interior.

Where do we most often see decorative mirror portholes

  • The most important are the doors in the rooms where the there is a porthole mirror in the place where a window would normally go, as well as when creating furniture for the marine room.
  • In doors, various lockers, and bed consoles (usually in a boy's room).
  • Often, several porthole mirrors are placed in a row, on the walls, in rooms where there are no windows that can let in natural light.
  • As a rule, a mirror in the form of a porthole is made of brass (which affects the cost of this piece of decor) and it consists of such parts as - a brass frame on which there are a few loops onto which the hatch is installed with a removable mirror (the mirror can be replaced with ordinary transparent glass and be used as a window) and two clamps for fixing the hatch to the window frame so it doesn't swing around and get in the way, and decorative brass rivets can be installed around the porthole frame.

How to choose an expensive photo frame

The right photo frame not only decorates the photo, but also the interior of the room that you place it in. Now we will tell you what photo frames are and what kinds of materials they come in, and the different styles that they come in. In addition, we will tell you what to look for when buying the best possible product.

Photo frames are far from being just simple interior accessories. The look of the picture in them and the feeling of the entire room are both heavily affected by picture frames. They give the pictures inside them a certain energy. They can be independent design elements or part of the entire style of the room.

Expensive photo frames complement any interior. They are selected according to the theme of the photo that is in them, taking into account the color design of the interior. Photo frames keep pictures from getting damaged and they complement the picture inside of them in many different ways. They can be installed in almost any room. The location in those rooms can also be very diverse. They are used in the field of advertising and they are excellent presents for many celebrations.

Photo frames can be classified according to different criteria. They can be made industrially or exclusively (made by hand). They can be put on a desktop, wall-mounted, or fixed on a refrigerator. In addition to traditional options, there are magnetic models on sale.

Some things that can complement a photo frame can be built-in lighting around the edges. In some cases you can even use such a photo frame as a nightlight. Others can be filled with several photographs to create a sort of changing panorama.

Expensive photo frames with an LED strip can create unique lighting effects in the space that you put them in. Among other options are frames with LED backlighting. Depending on where you place your it, you can either use a singular or modular photo frame. Variants of the latter option reveal several options. These are a kind of frame collages that can be arranged in different ways. The layout of your photo frames depends on your personal taste the amount of photo frames that you use.

The arrangement of your frames can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, diagonal, or complex. Multiframes can either have a geometric or non-standard shape. For example, they can form bizarre patterns in contrasting colors.

Materials for making photo frames

Different raw materials are used in the production of photo frames. They can be made out of wood, metal, plastic, and glass. In addition they can also be decorated with common materials such as paper, cardboard, tree branches, felt, shells, and even plaster.

Some of the most bizarre decorations can be loft-style materials (bronze, copper, or brass), dried plants, ceiling tiles, skirting boards, knitting threads, old CD discs, and even buttons.

Photo frames made of wood and MDF

Wooden photo frames are eco-friendly, practical and durable. These frames are pleasant to the touch and are hypoallergenic. Wooden frames are a classic. They fit perfectly into any interior, and can be carved in a traditional style and painted.

You can cover your wooden photo frame with a laminated film and it will still look authentic. The texture of the film can imitate a wood or a veneer coating. Such frames are aesthetically attractive and affordable. They have a variety of design solutions.

Expensive photo frames and metal

Photo frames made of copper, brass or bronze are great for decorating modern interiors. Such products are quite stylish. They are distinguished by their unique style and high price. They can have a glossy or matte texture.

Shapes and sizes of picture frames

The forms of expensive picture frames can be either classic or non-standard. Variants of the first group are frames of a regular geometric shape. These are models of round, square, oval, rectangular, diamond, or hexagonal shape.

In addition to the aforementioned shapes some companies produce photo frames with rounded, curly, or heart-shaped edges. The shape of the frames can be flat with a large volume. We can make brass picture frames in the form of cubes, balls and even Christmas decorations.

The design of picture frames can be simple, strictly geometric, luxurious, and with rich and expensive finishes. Some people prefer to buy ordinary wooden frames in order to further decorate them themselves.

Handmade frames made out of copper or bronze are distinguished by their unique appearance. Custom models can have an openwork pattern.

Frames can be decorated using different needlework techniques. Models in scrapbooking and quelling styles look unique. Frames made out of salt dough can also be unique gifts.

Handmade frames made of copper, brass, or bronze look beautiful and stylish. "Outdated" products today are in high demand among consumers. Vintage frames may have a bronze coating or a cracked surface texture. Models made out of wine corks are unique and look pretty good. They can decorate the interior of bachelors' kitchens. Girls, on the other hand, prefer more sophisticated frames for paintings and photographs. For example, these can be romantic multi-frames with inspirational quotes and the theme of love.

Usually such frames consist of several horizontal and vertical trims. Their shape and width may vary. Often such models are made in white, but less often in blue or pink. Usually the inscriptions on such frames are thematic (family, love, wedding, etc.). Romantic models are decorated with voluminous and flat hearts or flowers. Nautical frames are decorated with seashells, starfishes, and anchors. If you are very creative, you can decorate your photo frame with keys or chains.

Choice of frames for paintings

The choice of frames for paintings has its own special moments that you should consider looking into. The selected model should highlight the painting in the interior and make it the accent of the room. It is important that the frame draws attention to the painting and that it completes the interior design. When choosing a frame be mindful of where in the room you are going to place your painting in.

It is important to take into account the interests of those for whom a particular product is made for. For example, for a creative person, it is better to choose a unique version of a bronze painting frame. You can buy them a modeling kit so that that person can decorate their painting frame in any way that they want. Some manufacturers create many different models for lovers of fishing, hunting, and athletics. In addition, the huge assortment of brands include large selections of products for framing family pictures, christening photos, and birthdays.

Pay attention to the type of material that the frame is made out of, consider its practicality and design features. For example, in a modern interior, you can buy a stylish plastic frame decorated with colored LED lighting along the contour. Wooden models have a glass insert for the picture.

When choosing a frame option for a particular picture, compatibility should be taken into account. The product should not contrast with the image, but rather do the opposite. Models in dark colors artificially increase the brightness of the hues of the image. Bronze or copper frames give the temperature of the painting's tones an accent. Products with a metal, gold, or silver texture are good for bright images. However, they can discolor a light photograph. A black frame can be used for specific pictures and does not always fit into every interior.

To make the right choice of where to put your painting, try to plan out your interior and imagine how it would look with the painting in this or that place on the wall. When buying several paintings and the frames for them, you need to plan their location in advance.

Where and how to place a picture in an expensive copper-brass or bronze frame

Design ideas can be very diverse.

However, a lot depends on the shape and type of product, as well as the following:

  • If you want to surprise guests at the New Year's holiday, you can buy or make frames in the form of Christmas decorations. Small images in frames can be hung on a Christmas tree, mini-frames can be used to make a garland.
  • Photo frames look great on console shelves. They make beautiful and stylish compositions when placed in shelving cells.
  • Single table frames can decorate rooms for different purposes. For example, they can be placed on a closet, dressing tables, and bedside tables. This is an excellent choice of location for any modern digital and rotating frames.
  • Models of picture frames made of copper or brass look better in plain sight. Picture frames that are hanged on walls should be re-arranged for whatever event is taking place. They can be arranged in a line. Locations may vary. For the composition, you can use niches, ledges, walls in the staircase areas. In addition, group galleries can be created on wall partitions.
  • Collages look beautiful over the head of the bed. Also, unique looking galleries are obtained with a group arrangement of paintings in the guest area. For example, interesting combinations can be obtained in the area above the sofa or fireplace.
  • The plot compositions on the column walls look no less stylish. In addition, frames can be positioned to give an accent to the dining area.
  • When choosing a design, you can rely on different types of combinations. Collages look harmonious in the interior, in which each image has its own type of frame.
  • You can choose frames with the same style, decorating it symmetrically on both sides. The design of the gallery from multi-format frames also looks interesting. If desired, the composition can be decorated with large numbers, letters, and inscriptions.
  • Photo collages with 3D clocks look spectacular. The decoration of the wall with a composition united by a carved ornament (for example, foliage) also looks beautiful.
  • Photo frames can be part of a large pattern on the wall. For example, they can be placed in a way which makes them look like peculiar leaves or fruits of a tree. This idea is worth considering because you can make something that looks like a family tree.