Expensive exclusive gifts for rich people

Many faced a situation when it was necessary to congratulate a very important person on a big achievement. Often such people have almost everything one could wish for, which means that they need to be gifted expensive premium gifts. Sometimes it becomes necessary to give a truly extravagant gift. We can make all kinds of exclusive gifts - Chess sets, Photo frames, porthole photo frames, coffee machines, well or something that that person wants with an engraved design. For example, for an anniversary, some important event, for your new boss, business partner or VIP. Expensive gifts are sometimes more difficult to choose than ordinary ones, because the ideas of exclusive gifts do not come to you immediately.

Expensive exclusive gifts for rich people

The most precious gift is care and attention. For expressing something like that, expensive exclusive gifts for rich peopleare suitable, by the appearance of which it can already be concluded that the gift was carefully selected. The word "premium" means expensive, luxurious, elegant, successful, that is, the highest class of product. Such souvenirs are often presented to wealthy, respectable or just spoiled clients.

When a person is presented with such a product, they feel as they are part of a small elite.

Expensive exlusive gifts for rich people

Expensive exclusive gifts for rich people

Premium presentations perform several other functions:

  • A memorable business card will constantly remind a person of you.
  • When employees and partners of your company receive premium corporate gifts, they feel respect and recognition of their hard work. All this will increase their productivity and strengthen their corporate spirit.
  • You can express gratitude and improve your reputation by giving people dear to you expensive exclusive gifts for rich people for the New Year, for example.

When it comes to gifts, the first things we think about are traditional gifts. What kinds of expensive exclusive gifts to give to rich people? These are all kinds of accessories, gadgets, appliances, handmade items, and pieces of jewelry. But why not give something instead of another gadget, something that will bring genuine delight to the recipient? After all, emotions and memories are something that any person appreciates above material things. A "memory gift" is good because it stays in the memory of a person for a long time. In addition, it can be given to a person who already has everything, and is not interested in standard gifts. When choosing a memory as a gift, remember that such a surprise should be appropriate: it should correspond to the character and temperament of the person.

If you know that the main guest of the occasion has a favorite hobby, then try to find master classes from professionals in this field. For example, a man may like a master class on making something with his own hands, on developing technical skills, or even on robotics. A woman may like a master class on something like floristry, visage, psychology, and art. Thematic trips - today, all kinds of thematic tours are easy to find, for example, art programs and gastronomic, historical, and wine tours. Such a trip will enrich a person spiritually and intellectually. A flight in a hot air balloon - such a gift will help to look at life from above in every sense. A flight in a hot air balloon evokes genuine emotions, helps to feel young again, and to be inspired by new ideas.

Expensive exlusive gifts for rich people

Premium Presents Perform More Functions

Both men and women who lead an active lifestyle, are full of energy, and can never seem to be able to sit still, will love sports and active experience gifts.

Choosing an elite gift for men:

Expensive exclusive gifts for rich men are supposed to emphasize the high status and style of a person. For example, expensive alcoholic drinks, as well as accessories.

How to choose an expensive gift for a woman:

Expensive exclusive gifts for rich women are all kinds of beautiful accessories that a woman can wear or use to decorate the interior. Examples of types of presents: Decoration. If you want to choose very expensive gifts from classic accessories for a woman, then these are, of course, jewelry. Expensive, exotic jewelry will make a woman's heart beat faster. Necklaces, earrings, and rings with real gemstones are good examples of elite gifts, appropriate for any occasion. Gold rings with diamonds or an expensive floor mirror. An unusual present is a floor mirror, behind the glass of which there are compartments for jewelry and watches. Floor shelf. Another exquisite accessory for the interior, which includes a mirror, drawers and compartments for accessories. Jewelry box. It can be a classic box, a kitchen shelf made out of copper, in the Russian or the Provence style. Gift set. You can find an exclusive gift set, such as a set of luxury cosmetics or perfumes, a tea or coffee set. It can also be a gift basket - themed, with flowers and sweets.

Expensive exclusive gifts for children:

If the main guest of a birthday party is a child, then you can also gift them expensive exclusive gifts. Ideas for children's gifts: Thematic birthday. For example, a boy's birthday could be in the style of Star Wars, or a girl's birthday party can be Frozen themed. Holiday at Disneyland. An expensive exclusive gift that the child will remember for a lifetime. This fabulous place will give unforgettable memories not only to children, but also to adults! Brand backpack. Colorful, stylish, durable backpack of a famous brand - a great gift for a school-age child. Interactive toy, buildable robot. Boys will love an innovative toy in the form of a robot, which must first be assembled by hand and then controlled via a smartphone or tablet. Dollhouse for girls. A large dollhouse with realistic performance is the dream of any girl, so you won't go wrong with such a gift. Wooden Barbie dollhouse with furniture. As you can see, there are many ideas for original luxury gifts. Such presents are an opportunity to give not just an expensive thing, but also bright, unforgettable emotions!

Expensive exclusive gifts

A manager (no matter, a man or a woman) who works in the office every day can be presented with luxurious stationery accessories.

For an enjoyer of elite alcohol, such premium class presentations such as an aerator, a glass box for collecting wine corks, or a set of expensive glasses make perfect gifts.

Expensive exclusive gifts

Expensive exclusive gifts

CEOs can be presented with symbols of growth and prosperity. As an option, a small tree in a pot or an elegant vase of flowers for the office.

For a person who travels a lot around the world, a gift with a map image will be good.

Classic expensive exclusive gifts:

  • Jewelry. Undoubtedly, when it comes to premium class presents, the first thing that comes to mind is jewelry. It is necessary to take into account the style of a person in advance, so as not to give something that stands out from their general image. For a girl or woman dear to you, you can present a necklace as a luxurious surprise, and for men - a bracelet. Elite metal bracelets are made by hand, they will please any member of the stronger sex.
  • Figurines and wineglasses. Figurines will be an ideal expensive exclusive gift for both men and women. Such a stylish product will complement any interior.
  • Gifts in retro style. Expensive high quality retro products are very popular in the modern world. Vintage and antique items are valued more than newer ones. For example, music centers, records, vintage telephones, vintage jewelry and books are very relevant today.
  • Watches. Elegant watches can be called another premium surprise. Today there are many such models. Few people would not enjoy a luxury watch as a present.
  • Books. Elite books will be another perfect premium surprise option. These are quality publications. For example, present an anthology of your favorite author in a colorful design. A copper photo album looks expensive, luxurious and like a very nice gift overall.
  • Pens. An elite pen also belongs to the classic version of an extra-class present. It is generally accepted that the first indicator of a person's wealth is his watch, and the second is the pen that he writes with. It will never be an unnecessary accessory, especially if it is a premium class model.
  • Tea and coffee. Another possible surprise in the case where the person has everything, is elite coffee and expensive varieties of tea. Such an upscale present will be suitable for a person unfamiliar to you. An ideal option would be a set of elite handmade teas or coffees of various varieties with sweets in addition. Adding spices and dried fruit to tea is gaining increasing popularity. Expensive exclusive teas and coffees are packaged in beautiful packaging or a decorated tin box. In many tea and coffee sets, branded elite cups and a strainer are also included.
  • Alcohol. If the main guest of the occasion is a person who has absolutely everything, premium alcohol will be an ideal expensive exclusive gift. An expensive high-quality drink will please a person not only on their birthday, but also on any other holiday. If you are not aware of the tastes and preferences of the recipient, then there is an option to give whiskey or cognac of the same bottling year as the birthday of the hero of the occasion. When your choice falls on elite alcohol, you need to focus on popular high-quality producers.

If you do not have the opportunity to find out the interests of the hero of the occasion, then it is best to present:

  • for a man - cognac, rum or vodka;
  • for a woman - wine or martini.
Such a premium-class present is considered a suitable option for somebody that you are not familiar with.

A technologically advanced gift to a rich man

High-tech exclusive and luxurious items work as excellent gifts and surprises. They belong to the premium class and, of course, are not cheap.

When buying a gift, you will have to know if the person to whom you are giving the gift to already has something similar. Modern electric devices are now personalized and some can even fit into your pocket, so you will have to be even more careful when choosing a gift.

Today, a person cannot live without such an attribute as a mobile phone. There are many high-end devices that have a large number of functions and an elegant design.

A technologically advanced gift to a rich man

A technologically advanced gift to a rich man

Gemstone inlays, premium case material, leather inlays, and the like can be part of the distinctive premium design. You can present a premium-class gift that will create additional amenities in the house: a TV and retro-style acoustics or a home theater. It could be a fingerprint lock, a robot vacuum cleaner, or similar things that are not essentials.

Exclusive gifts for men

Exclusive gifts for men on any holiday are a great way to highlight the importance of a person and his status in society. Such a surprise will express your sincere feelings, respect or affection for the man.

Such things are filled with various symbols and hidden meanings. Remember that you are not buying an ordinary present, but an exclusive gift for a man, giving impressions and emotions, marking the taste and interests that person.

Original gifts, in the design of which are made out of fake dollar bills and coins, etc. can be given. Collectors will be very happy with such surprises: philatelists, numismatists. Such products are also suitable for men working in the financial sector.

Exclusive gifts for menwho enjoy history. The appearance of the gift can reflect the pages of the history of the whole world. Accordingly, a person will gain new knowledge about ancient cultures, historical figures and places. Such souvenirs are created for a politician or an official. These things will be appreciated by foreigners and people interested in history.

Fancy giftsthat are dedicated to great monuments of architecture, for example, their mini-copies. Such will perfectly decorate an office or any other similar room. In order for the present to have a premium class, pay attention only to products made of precious stones and high quality metals or small handmade models.

Unique gifts that are related to the hobbies of the main guest

The surprise must not only be expensive, but also beautiful and useful. If you can't find any ideas for a worthy gift, then it is better to present a unique gift which is related to the interests of the main guest.

Unique gifts related to hunting can be a nominal gun or a flask, a night vision device or other various original devices that help with hunting.

Accessories for lovers of fishing. Stores offer a wide range of exclusive accessories, including ones that are only made in a single copy. Such a product will be unique, useful, and luxurious.

For a man who is intrested in astrology, you can find a souvenir that depicts his zodiac sign, made from various jewels.

Car owners will definitely like exclusive accessories for their car. For a car enthusiast, you can always buy a truly premium surprise - the latest car model from their favorite brand. For many, such a present is beyond the realms of possibility, so you can instead get leather car covers, an inlaid rug for a dashboard, a personalized compressor, or an elegant keychain made of precious metals.

For people who enjoy travelling, a ticket to their favorite resort or to an unusual corner of the world will be an unforgettable gift. There are many options, you just need to find out which country a person has long dreamed of visiting, or simply find an attractive place to relax. If you can't decide on a resort, or if the person has already visited every country they wanted to, you can give them a luxurious globe engraved with jewels, on which you can mark the countries they have visited.

Today, there are many different gifts for lovers of extreme activities. Such people can be gifted a helicopter or a stallion, or, as a much cheaper option, they can be given courses in piloting an aircraft or in racing in extreme conditions.

Wedding gifts for rich people

The main event in the life of every person is their wedding. However, this event is no less important for the guests. You will need to prepare a gift. The task becomes even more difficult if the people that are getting married are very wealthy people. The question arises before you: "What can I give to a rich person on their wedding?" As you know, it is hard to surprise people who have everything, but it is always worth a try.

In this case, there are two ways figure out what to give to a rich person on their wedding. It depends on your financial condition. If the budget does not allow you to buy an expensive gift, then you need to think outside the box. Only an original and unique gift can impress the newlyweds. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the newlyweds will greatly help you find a suitable gift for them.

Interesting gifts that you can give a rich couple on their weddingwill be original medals for newlyweds, for example, "1st place among the brides of England", "Best Groom", "Best Bride" and the like. These are nice little things that you would never give to yourself.

Artwork made from Swarovski crystals is gaining popularity. In souvenir shops, they are usually in the "expensive wedding gifts" section. The image of a couple in love, enclosed in a bronze photo frame, will surely impress the newlyweds. This picture will be placed in the future home of the couple and will always remind them of the person who gave it to them.

A family tree book will make for an amazing gift. In addition to a beautiful item in their home, it will be an excellent way to show the future children of the newlyweds their ancestors. This item will be something to be proud of.

Young couples are modern, cheerful people, so they might like the look of an original globe bar. It looks like an ordinary earth globe, but inside there is a full-fledged place to store a bottle of elite wines and several glasses. This piece of furniture will attract the attention of all people who come to visit. Globe bars will definitely appeal to rich people as a wedding gift. It can be placed on a table or mounted to the floor.

Some elite gifts that you could give at a rich person's wedding include a large archival photo album made of copper. It has a very stylish look, rotates, and is able to accommodate a huge number of photos. When presenting this gift, you can show the pages which could hold photos from the wedding and the first photos of their future kids.

In the end, it is up to you to decide what kind of gift to give at a rich person's wedding. After all, if you are invited to share their happiness with them, then the gift, regardless of the price, will be pleasant and appropriate for the occasion.

Gifts for a rich man

Expensive gifts to rich men are often presented to businessmen, in which case elite products from their area of work will be very appropriate. An elegant set of stationery accessories made of luxurious materials. The stand for such accessories is often made of rare wood. A premium pen set with pens that are made with silver, gold or platinum. The decor of the model is very different: from precious stones to crocodile skin. The choice of pen materials depends on the financial capabilities of the person giving the gift and the tastes of the person receiving it.

Suitcase made from the skin of an exotic animal (crocodile or python). An exclusive loft style handmade record book is perfect for keeping business records. Note that you can also give such gifts to your boss.

To surprise someone, you can form a team with your co-workers and all put in some money to purchase a luxurious product and later decorate it with a commemorative plaque. Such a gift will always remind a person that they are valued and respected by the people around them.

Expensive exclusive gifts for men

By choosing an expensive exclusive gift for a man, you reduce the likelihood of making a mistake, as such things are always in fashion.

Classic expensive exclusive gifts for men include:

  • Editions of collectible books. Usually such books have an elegant binding, are decorated with inlaid or embossed, and laid in a luxurious leather case. As for the genre, it can be anything from religious publications to professional books. It is worth paying attention to the works of art of various famous authors.
  • A family albummade from luxurious materials. This item will display the history of the family and be passed down to the heirs of the person receiving the gift. Throughout the course of life, you can add new entries and photos related to important events in it.
  • Collectible weapons. Copies of legendary firearms or melee weapons will be an elegant decoration for any interior.
  • Elite alcohol. A lover of wine (white or red) will definitely be pleased to receive a drink that was bottled in the same year that they were born in. Recognized brands can be recommended from a wide range of aged cognac. Keep in mind the various kinds of sparkling wines, whiskey, rum, and port wine. An excellent gift for a man for his anniversary can be elite alcohol in a designer's bottle.
  • Accessories for smokers. Elite cigars, lighters made of precious metals, pipes made of rare wood or stone, all are very good gifts for a person who enjoys smoking. If you are thinking about buying alcoholic or tobacco products, you need to know for sure that these things will be appreciated by the person to whom you're giving them to.

Exclusive gifts of luxury men's clothing and accessories

It is not difficult to pick an exclusive gift for a man who takes lots of care of his looks. All you need to do is refer to the latest collections of popular clothing brands.

Available options:

  • Expensive decorated tie. An excellent addition to the outfit of a stylish man.
  • Unique cufflinks. Preferably, they should be made out of luxurious materials with a personalized engraving. As for popular materials, silver models are in fashion. They will fit almost any suit and will emphasize the status of the person.
  • Wrist watch. The best watches are made by popular Swiss companies. But you or the person to whom you're gifting to likes a certain unique style, then there is no need to worry: today, watch manufacturers offer a very wide range of high-quality and elite models that will satisfy any person's taste.

Other unique gifts for men

There are many different options among luxurious surprises for all ages, statuses, tastes, and interests:

  • Businessmen can be presented with all kinds of stands for all kinds of items, business card holders, key holders, and paper cutting knives.
  • For men who pay attention to their looks, scarves from popular companies and jewelry (bracelets, rings) can be gifted.
  • Items that lighten up the mood of the interior of a person's office are great gifts. Some great choices include paintings, mini-bars, and other decor elements of an office or some other room such as a potted plant.
  • For people who enjoy to use their brain to relax, some classic board games such as checkers and chess made from luxurious materials, rare stone or carved from rare wood will make excellent gifts.
  • Models of cars, tanks, planes and ships for collectors. As a premium gift, unique miniature copies of famous vehicles are suitable. There are whole sets that reflect a historical battle, or some other well-known historical event on a smaller scale.

Exclusive gifts for women

What kinds of exclusive gifts can you gift to women? Of course, the most common option is jewelry. In order to please with the gift, it is important to take into account the tastes and interests of the woman to whom you're giving the gift to.

Find out in advance what the lady prefers. Does she like something grandiose and bright, or something delicate and light? Maybe she prefers some precious stones like diamonds, rubies or sapphires?

If you do not know what kind of jewelry to give a woman, then you need to know what kind of relationship you are in. If you are giving your wife or fianc?e a gift, a ring or earrings would be a great option. Neutral premium gift options for women are a bracelet or chain. And if you are not connected by a very close relationship, then you can give her a watch or a brooch.

If you are just a close friend of her, then fur products are an ideal gift option. A good option is a fur coat. A neutral option for a present would be a natural fur poncho.

Items made of leather, such as a handbag or wallet, make for very good gifts.

High-quality perfumes are a great elite gift. If you are choosing a gift for a loved one, such as your wife, then you probably know what kind of fragrances she prefers. In this case, you can choose a niche (selective) fragrance. If you are not familiar with a woman, then it might not be a good idea to risk with giving her such a gift.

With the development of modern technology, gadgets began to be attributed to exclusive gifts for women. Phones from iPhone or Vertu will make for a great gift for some women. It is also worth considering buying her a luxurious car from a famous manufacturer if you have enough money to spare, because a great car will surely please any woman.

If you are faced with the choice of giving a gift to a wealthy woman who cannot be surprised by expensive jewelry, then you need to focus on the exclusivity of a premium product.

A woman will be very pleasantly surprised if she finds out that the gift which she had just received from you is unique and nobody else has anything like it.

These exclusive gifts include designer jewelry which is made by professional jewelers. An excellent option would be to purchase jewelry in a store and engrave it with the initials of a woman.

Recently, portraits have gained some popularity. It can be ordered from an artist by giving him a photo of a woman; you can also invite her to pose for it in person if the gift isn't going to be a surprise. But the artist must be a professional in his field and preferably known to a wide range of people.

In order make sure that the gift is going to be exclusive, you can order for a handmade product to be made.

Some of the most popular premium gifts include:

  • D?cor items engraved with jewels for the interior;
  • hand-embroidered silk scarves;
  • antique collectible dolls.

But to choose such a gift, you must first familiarize yourself with the works of the master and make sure that their quality is as advertised.