Vintage style kitchens

The kitchen is the place where we spend most of our time. Therefore, in addition to being functional, this space should also be attractive to the eye. There are many ways to make your kitchen look stylish: it can be a wall laid with colorful tiles or shiny metal parts on your appliances, or, in our case, the style of the 1950s and 1960s, which has been at the peak of popularity in recent years. We have prepared some ideas and tips that will help you easily give your kitchen a trendy retro look and without any major alterations as well.

Simple and attractive elegance with light colors - this is how you can briefly describe the kitchen interior in vintage style. It is always a cozy, pleasant room that inspires the creation of culinary masterpieces. A slight touch of antiquity makes the design of this type of kitchen special. This is an expression of nostalgia and memory of one's past, a tribute to the ancestors and respect for them. Vintage-style kitchens are created by those people who always remember their roots and honor the memory of their great-great-grandfathers.

Kitchens decorated in vintage style, attract with their charm and fully capture the attention of anybody that walks into one. Thanks to vintage design, kitchens become warm and cozy: the style seems to take us back to childhood and evokes pleasant memories. That is why vintage design is increasingly being chosen for the decor of rooms where the whole family gathers.

Vintage Style Kitchen Key Features

Vintage-style kitchens are always in high demand, because the use of vintage elements in their design helps give the room its own unique personality. Of course, when it comes to developing an interior project, there are many factors that need to be considered, from floor and wall trims to cabinets, tables and other pieces of furniture. Each vintage element contributes to the overall image of the kitchen.

Vintage Style Kitchen Key Features

Vintage Style Kitchen Key Features

In a vintage style kitchen, the beauty of the past easily combines with modern practicality. There are several ways to achieve a vintage kitchen look. The most common is the use of individual pieces of antique furniture and decor elements from a something like a flea market or a pawnshop. Vintage-style kitchen design requires an individual, well-considered approach. You need to understand that the design of the kitchen is done for years, so you need to carefully consider every detail. This requires a sense of style, as well as time and patience.

In recent years, vintage kitchen designs have been experiencing a resurgence, not only because of their charming aesthetic, but also because it is a fairly sustainable way of decorating the interior.

To create the most comfortable cooking environment possible, study photos of finished vintage style kitchen interiors. This article will tell you about the right selection of colors, combinations of materials, and furniture design - you will receive tips that will be able to help you make the interior lightly decorated and at the same time give it expressiveness and originality.

IN THE KITCHEN, decorated in VINTAGE STYLE, you need to maintain a positive attitude and show it even in small interior components. When planning the appearance of the kitchen, take into account the characteristic features of vintage design:

  • uncomplicated shapes and compact dimensions. The room shouldn't look messy - do not clutter it with unnecessary items, use compact furniture to save space;
  • original antique trims. Replace built in steel handles with forged ones - made out of copper or bronze;
  • abundance of textiles. In vintage interiors, several types of textile decorations can be used simultaneously: tablecloths, potholders, furniture covers, curtains, sofa cushions, and napkins. It is not at all necessary for the fabrics to be of the same color and texture - in such an environment, a bright and varied decor is very welcome;
  • use of materials of natural origin. Brick, wood, and stone are suitable for finishing vintage kitchens. Furniture can also be made from similar materials;
  • the theme of nature is synthesized by the color palette. Kitchen vintage interiors will look more attractive if painted in natural light colors;
  • such rooms should have good natural lighting. . In the evenings you should use vintage lamps. Install bright lighting fixtures in the kitchen (in most cases, they are limited to one chandelier with numerous shades).

Despite the fact that a kitchen interior in such a distinctive style can be decorated in many ways, the main feature of vintage-style kitchens is their simplicity. Vintage details in the interior are uncomplicated items, very simple and dear to the heart, allowing you to decorate the room with taste, and without any extremely high financial costs.

Vintage Style Kitchen Key Features

Vintage Style Kitchen Key Features

Think about the difference between an old kitchen and a modern one: if the room does not have innovative kitchen "helpers", decorative elements and functional furniture, it will not lose its comfort. Try to make your kitchen in the same way.

Kitchen design in vintage style

Vintage style kitchen design always includes a lot of decorative details. The desire for minimal functionalism is relatively recent, so retro environments are always filled with decorations.

A large number of textile elements are a characteristic feature of a vintage kitchen. Previously, housewives knitted and embroidered napkins with their own hands, and sewed curtains and chair covers all from the same piece of material. Tablecloths, aprons, and stool cushions can also be made from the same fabric.

Kitchen design in vintage style

Kitchen design in vintage style

An abundance of knickknacks and useful household items is also characteristic of this old-school style. Here you can find stylized kitchen scales, and copper spoons, ladles, cauldrons, figurines, vases, and decorative dishes. Vintage decorated plates can hang on the wall in place of traditional paintings. In such an interior, stylized functional items with unusual functions are often used. For example scales in the form of an old alarm clock.

Wooden furniture used in the design of a vintage style kitchen is always decorated with carvings and moldings. You can use mosaic inserts and stained-glass windows. Small details in combination with furniture create that special atmosphere for which a vintage setting is created. The essence of antiquity, hovering between antiques, conveys the mood and character of such an interior better than a variety of any photos could. They can take you back to your childhood as retro and vintage kitchens can be associated with your grandma's house. It gives us the opportunity to feel the connection with our ancestors, with our roots, and with centuries-old traditions.

Kitchen interior in vintage style

Now days, it is fashionable to furnish the interior of a vintage-style kitchen with different types of furniture that serve multiple purposes, and earlier in kitchen interior design, where each item served its own functional purpose. Professionals recommend separating the cooking and dining area, even if the room is small.

Recommendation No. 1 for interior design of a vintage-style kitchen: for a small kitchen, it is preferable to purchase a simple pre-built model - a linear one. To provide additional space for dishes and other household utensils, bolt shelves right under the ceiling.

The pre-built kitchen set will occupy a key place in the kitchen interior. Give preference to furniture that combines with an old vintage style. We recommend purchasing wooden furniture. Products made of artificial materials that imitate wood are not always appropriate in such an environment.

If you inherited antique furniture from relatives or even a whole set in good condition, use it when arranging your work area. You can also use the services of a company that deals with the artificial aging of furniture. Wooden furniture is decorated with carvings, glass inserts, moldings, creating a patina effect.

Recommendation number 2 for decorating the interior of a vintage-style kitchen: to create the effect of rarity and antiquity, you can always engrave furniture with your own hands using your own tools to your liking and lightly sand it down with sandpaper to create an aged look.

Shelves for kitchen utensils are far too be bulky to be used in our design, it is better to make keep your designs small and compact. In vintage interiors, open shelves fit well with the theme, if you want to hide the contents of the shelves from sunlight, cover them with some small beautiful curtains.

Modern models of household appliances should not be combined with such furniture. For kitchen decor, appliances from retro collections are much more fitting, for example, stoves with antique handles and half-rounded glass inserts, dome-shaped stove hoods and compact rounded refrigerators.

Kitchen interior in vintage style

Kitchen interior in vintage style

If you decide to purchase modern appliances, it is better to choose built-in models. The vintage-style oven hood can be made part of the kitchen, built into the upper compartment, the hobs can be installed in the countertop (stone or wood - from pine or oak is suitable), and the refrigerator can be hidden with doors identical to the furniture facades.

Consider redecorating your kitchen sink. Pay special attention to the faucet: a large number of vintage pieces that look like a hook with large switches can be found in stores. In most cases they are made out of bronze or copper; such sinks are easy to distinguish from models which have a similar color because of their unique design.

If there is enough free space in the room, arrange a dining area in the central part of the kitchen. In a small room, it must be moved towards the wall or placed near a window. In this area there should be a large table that can accommodate all family members. Give preference to furniture on thin supports made of light wood.

Kitchen interior in vintage style

Kitchen interior in vintage style

Furnishings that have a round or oval configuration will make the interior of the kitchen in vintage style homely and cozy. But keep in mind that such items require space, you will need to seat everyone around a common center. In interiors of a more modern orientation, you can use an island, stylized in retro style.

Upholstered furniture designed for the kitchen interior is gaining more and more popularity. You can install a compact sofa with textile upholstery in a suitable color and a bench indoors. If the furniture provides a hidden place in which you can put items, you will get the opportunity to remove rarely used items from sight.

In the corner of your vintage-style kitchen, you can place an old sideboard. Many years ago, sideboards were a mandatory component of kitchen interiors, they stored dishes and other kitchen utensils. But in a modern vintage room, such furniture will mostly serve a decorative purpose.

Loft style kitchen

Owners of small loft-style kitchens prefer furniture and cabinets that line the wall. They are compact and take up little space. It consists of a linear set of countertops, drawers and cabinets, which are located along one wall. The dining area is located by the window or against the opposite wall. The linear version of the loft-style kitchen is great for studio apartments. It zones the space, emphasizes the work area. The simplicity of lines and shapes harmoniously fits into the vintage interior.

Important! Experts advise in small loft-style kitchens to install furniture sets no more than 2.5-3 m in length. This optimal size complies with the rules of ergonomics and makes the space comfortable. The bottom drawers are much larger than the top ones. Large and heavy kitchen utensils like pots and pans are stored below, and lighter items such as silverware are stored above.

The "island" or peninsular version of the kitchen set can look spectacular. The island is a table or a worktop that is brought to the center of the room. It serves as both a dining and a cooking area. Built-in household appliances are often hidden in the shelves under the island. Islands with built-in stained glass windows help decorate a vintage kitchen. However, such examples are expensive, but they give the kitchen a unique and elegant appearance.

Corner sets are also very popular. Depending on the number of corners that you need, you can pick between L-shaped and U-shaped options. Cabinets are installed against adjacent walls. The corners are used as storage sections, retractable structures are built in them. With corner planning, the sink, stove and refrigerator should form the corners of your kitchen.

Kitchen interior pieces in loft style

For loft style kitchen interior items, a light color palette is often chosen. This greatly helps to visually expand the room, making it brighter and more comfortable to look at.

The following shades are considered to be the most popular:

  • pink;
  • pale yellow;
  • beige;
  • pale green;
  • blue;
  • snow-white.

Preferably use whites and tones that are often found in nature: they go well with wood surfaces.

A darker color can be used for flooring, furniture, decor elements, and other items that highlight the contrasting light color of the room. If you wish, you can combine several colors while decorating, use several textures: for example, you can cover the walls with wallpaper with large, beautiful art.

Loft style in kitchen interiors is creative and highly functional: learn how to design a modern high-tech kitchen by looking at a photo gallery with ready-made interiors on the Internet.

Loft style kitchen floor

The most popular flooring for a loft-style kitchen is tiled: the tiles are placed in a checkerboard pattern. The classic version of this design is considered to be a combination of black and white squares, but you can create other combinations from contrasting colors of your choice.

Recommendation: if you have a desire to diversify the interior, decorate the flooring with patterns in the form of stripes, herringbone patterns, or zigzag lines.

When decorating the floor for a loft-style kitchen, you can use imitation wooden boards. They are painted in a dark color or left in their original form. The ceiling of the room is usually painted in a light shade. Walls can be painted, plastered or wallpapered. When painting, professionals recommend making one wall pop out more by decorating it with a more saturated design. If you are going to use wallpaper, use wallpaper with large, vibrant designs.

Some of the most popular patterns include floral patterns, checkered patterns, stripes, polka dots, images of food and kitchen utensils. The working area near a wall looks best when it is decorated with tiles. It is advisable to choose small tiles and lay them out like a mosaic. For the decoration of the space between the cupboards and the countertops, tiles with a dark shade, contrasting against the light background should be used.

If you are decorating the interior of your kitchen in a vintage style with a more modern style in view, you can insert photos of the seaside in the space between the cupboards and the countertops. Choose a themed pattern, and a large-format composition located above the work surfaces will turn into the main accent detail in the interior.

Loft style kitchen decor

Loft-style kitchen decor consists of many details.

To create the desired impression in the kitchen, you need to place memorable and nostalgic items from the correct era:

  • radio receivers, or a small TV corresponding to the chosen era;
  • characteristic jars filled spices and other non-perishable products;
  • simple kitchen scales;
  • kitchen counter in a cell pattern made out of terracotta tiles;
  • kettles for boiling water and jars of tea leaves; country style dishes and utensils;
  • a wall mounted clock, or a clock placed on a high shelf;
  • old black and white photographs in wooden frames;
  • all kinds of differently sized jars for storing cereals, original tin boxes that were used to store candies and cookies;
  • characteristic dishes: decanters, jugs, decorated plates, and glasses that can be used for table setting in retro style;
  • bundles of onions and garlic, baskets and bowls of fruit;
  • dolls and figurines;
  • curtains: small and thin ones to create a 50s-80s atmosphere, thicker ones with small flowers, stripes, checkered decor to imitate the Victorian era or art deco style.
  • indoor plants popular in the era that you chose.

For the decor of the walls of your loft style kitchen, you can use stretched out embroideries with or without a frame, drawings, reproductions of famous paintings, sometimes pasted directly onto the wall. It is these little things that give a certain charm and define the style that you chose for your room. The main thing here is not to overdo it with the details-the kitchen is not supposed to turn out like a museum!

Loft-style kitchen shelves

The key to decorating a loft-style kitchen is the use of accessories. The main elements can be designed in a classic style. A deep sink with a wavy edge, an aged brass faucet and fittings, cabinets - together they create an elegant backdrop for vintage accessories.

An antique cabinet, things hung on a wall, antique windowsills, and other decorative details give the kitchen that wonderful vintage charm. Watch out for unique items that you could add to your kitchen. Try using steampunk styled items that you could find laying around at your grandmother's house or in the interior of her kitchen, - we recommend Helen Parker's work. - Mix the old with the new. Always try to purchase authentic and well made products.

Small details play a big role in creating a cozy atmosphere in a loft-style kitchen: they give the room a special charm. Open shelves in your loft style kitchen can be decorated with small porcelain figurines, framed family pictures, jewelry boxes, and even plush toys.

The category of vintage decor elements also includes antique kitchen containers made out of ceramic, glass, metal, or clay. Decorate the table and shelves in your loft-style kitchen with plates, colorful teapots, and copper cutlery.

Recommendation: you can place plates a loft-style kitchen shelf or modify them to look like a clock. For example, decorate a flat plate with painted on clock hands that point to breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.

Do not forget about the role of wood in interiors decorated in such an original style. Complete the listed accessories with wooden cutting boards, stands for holding kitchen utensils, bowls, and other everyday kitchen items.

Scales are an original accessory that can often be found in vintage kitchens. We advise you to look at flea markets for old scales for weighing products. Such an element will perform, in addition to serving as a beautiful decorative element, they will also have a functional purpose.

You should use several items made out of fabric in your loft-style kitchen. If you are fond of needlework, decorate the kitchen with handmade accessories: knitted or embroidered napkins, or homemade loft-style chair covers. It is not difficult to make colorful pot holders, sew a bright apron from colorful patches, or decorate towels with fancy patterns. Each one of these accessories will bring something special to your loft-style kitchen.

Cover your table with a tablecloth with a bright and colorful pattern, similar to a painting on your wallpaper or other decorative elements. If you wish you can leave the tablecloth plain. You can use a similar material to design your curtains.

Hanging small loft-style curtains on your windows, decorated with fringe, pleats or ribbon patches helps give your kitchen a special look. Forget about using long curtains - using short ones will help you highlight the simplicity of the interior. A long curtain should only be used above the door leading to the balcony. Choose the material for your curtains that has a simple design.

Incorporate natural details into your vintage-inspired kitchen design. Place a bowl filled with fruit on the table, or decorate the window with houseplants in pots. Decorate the walls with paintings depicting landscapes or food.

Steampunk styled kitchen

Steampunk styled wallpapers give the kitchen a vintage feel. Light canvases of delicate shades look spectacular: white, pearl, cream, pale beige, gold, and ivory. These colors make the interior feel fresh and contrast the dark colors, which makes your kitchen look even more spectacular.

If your future steampunk kitchen is large, several shades can be used at once. This technique divides the kitchen into several areas and places which accent the interior. You can actively use both plain and patterned canvases: flowers, angels, wavy ornaments and other similar patterns bring brightness and romance to the interior.

Vintage clocks and dishes from a flea market, porcelain figurines, and silver candlesticks can all be used in decorating a premade kitchen set to give it a steampunk style look. To add on to the items just mentioned, old photographs, toys and jewelry boxes also work well to help decorate your kitchen in the desired style. Many accessories are made independently using a simple decoupage technique. Do not forget about the usage of fabric in your kitchen. Steampunk welcomes the presence of natural fabrics and natural shades. The set is favorably complemented by delicate napkins and coasters for hot dishes.

Interesting! The idea of using blank photo frames is popular within the steampunk style. Frames of different sizes can be attached to a wall, and you can place a small table with all types of trinkets under them like a porcelain vase, artificial flowers, candlesticks.

Classic curtains can be used to decorate windows. Curtains made of natural fabrics: linen, silk or satin. They look luxurious, are preferred as they while protect the kitchen from excessive exposure to sunlight. Natural fabrics are hypoallergenic; do not accumulate dust and dirt. Curtains-cafes, which are great for small windows, also look great as a whole for your kitchen.

While it's widely believed that wallpaper doesn't look quite right in a kitchen, when used right, it can completely transform the look it in a positive way. There are many wallpaper designs (for example, country style) that will bring bright color and beautiful patterns to the interior.

Although a bold antique wallpaper design may seem too bright, the key to success is to carefully balance colors and shades. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and a window can visually divide a space, subtly and elegantly shading the bright pattern. At the same time, rich colors and floral motifs give the room warmth and comfort, emphasizing the individuality of the design.

If you are wallpapering the kitchen, be sure to install a rim along the countertop - it will prevent spilled liquid and splashes from hitting the walls and ruining your wallpaper. Marble countertops look great in this project, acting as a luxurious finishing touch (although, of course, the choice can be made in favor of countertops made of some other material).