Steampunk Styled Renovation

Apartment renovation in steampunk style is a brave choice. Such a renovation cannot be called calm or neutral; the design will definitely turn out to be bright and unique. If you are willing to implement some daring ideas, we will be more than happy to help you.

RENOVATIONS IN STEAMPUNK STYLE - characteristic features

The steampunk direction in design was inspired by the era of industrialism: steam powered engines, all types of crude mechanisms, and factory pipes.

A steampunk-renovated room cannot be confused with any other:

  • Mechanism details. Gears and other conspicuous elements are found in furnishings (decorated wallpaper), furniture (table made from an engine) and decor;
  • Unusual lamps in steampunk style. Made out of metal, tubes, and wire - this is an important moment in decor;
  • Steampunk furniture. Home-made shelves made out of pipes and brushed wood, tables with old metal bases, unusual items decorated with gears;
  • Original decor. Worn out typewriters, wooden globes, and old, faded maps.

Recently, a client who loves to cook came to our workshop, for whom the kitchen is a very important room in the house. It is also important for him that all appliances are not only functional, but also beautiful, since he spends a lot of time in the kitchen. For cooking, he bought this large Restart stove. He did not find a decent microwave oven and ordered from us. The main wishes of the client were as follows: the microwave should be as large as possible in terms of volume and have maximum power. Naturally, the microwave oven should be the same red color as the stove. Since the client cooks a lot, the microwave should be stainless steel inside and preferably professional, not household (household microwaves usually do not exceed a volume of more than 23 liters). A professional microwave oven with a volume of 30 liters was purchased. The maximum microwave power was 1400W, while household microwaves did not exceed 800-900W.

In view of the fact that the microwave oven should be "like from the Restart appliance kit»", the color was chosen to perfectly go with the color of the stove. For this purpose, brass handles were custom made to perfectly go with the stove handles. Around the microwave viewing window, a brass frame was custom made in the shape of the frame on the stove. To create a more accurate "copy" of the stove, a drawer for dishes was made separately, painted in the desired color and decorated with brass panels.

If you have a cherished dream of having something that is not listed for sale anywhere, our workshop will make it for you and this item will unique and will bring you joy every day.


The decor in steampunk style is exceptionally dark; walking into an apartment in such style should create a feeling of being in an industrial era factory.

The main colors used in the repair of premises in the steampunk style:

  • black;
  • brown;
  • grey;
  • burgundy.

In most cases, steampunk colors are warm - red, brick, beige. The interior of a room in steampunk style is refreshing and gives a special charm when you apply some shades of metal like bronze, copper, silver, brass, or gold. You can use imitated or authentic materials. Rusty and oxidized metal (blue or green) also work well as an accent.

Loft style house interior

Loft style living room interior

The loft-style living room interior can be furnished with soft dark brown leather furniture. The windows can be draped with heavy curtains in a classic swirling pattern. On the walls, family portraits can be interspersed with old maps in brown frames under glass. Containers of strange design, a gilded glass, a compass, and a barometer can be placed on a shelf.

The loft-style living room floor can be covered with a soft rug of the same brown color, and the wallpaper can be of a beige color with a world map pattern. One corner may be "damaged by time": there is no wallpaper on it, and a part of the wall is bare. The coffee table is made from a combination of glass and brass tubes. Instead of a lamp, an original composition of pipes, screws and gears, topped with a simple light bulb can be used.

It is better to make a TV stand with a metal sheet with worn out rivets, and make the miracle of technology itself look like one of the windows of Captain Nemo's Nautilus.

Loft style bedroom interior

The interior of a loft-style bedroom can create something that looks like a real bunker, the deck of a ship, or a submarine cabin. The bed is usually awkwardly set, made of heavy and durable wood, carefully carved in the best traditions of the Victorian era. It is usually covered with coarse fabric in shades of gray, blue, burgundy or sky blue.

Above the bed, you can place a giant compass, a large mechanical clock, an old blueprint, or an abstract composition of the usual gears, cranes, screws and other simple mechanical parts.

The walls can be finished with steel-gray wallpaper imitating a sheet of metal, or you can split the room into zones with decorative arches, enhancing the resemblance of a submarine. A classic chest or simple chest can be placed and decorated with tubes, with a globe is placed on top.

The whole bedroom should shine with the spirit of futurism, which is desperately resisted by the classic look preserved in it.

Loft style kitchen interior

The interior of the loft-style kitchen is more like an innovative laboratory than a cooking room. Table-tops and the main working part are made of wood (cherry, oak) or marble. The floor is tiled to imitate the texture and color of stone. The furniture is designed in dark or light uncompromising colors.

Handles in furniture are always made out of metal, stylized in loft style. Brass and bronze look more impressive against an ebony background, which, in turn, contrasts with the white bricks on the walls. You can also place large panels with a chaotic set of "technical" elements.

It is easy to make such a decorative detail on your own. The stove hood can be made from sheet copper or "offcuts" of metal barrels with uneven rivets. Do not forget to place decorative elements around the perimeter of the kitchen: on the bar counter, window sills and wall shelves.

An original lamp can be placed above the table, the height of which is regulated by a simple but outdated mechanism.

Loft style bathroom interior

In the interior of a loft-style bathroom , the walls should be pasted over with waterproof wallpaper with a simple graphical pattern. Natural water pipes for this room shouldn't be hidden in any way. On the contrary, they are to be put on display and sometimes be replaced by larger, multi-element ones (with many bends). The floor should also be designed in dark colors: it is ought to be covered with tiles placed in a rough pattern (black marble, rough and porous stone).

If by chance there is a "bare" piece of wall next to the bathroom, futurists and dreamers will only benefit from this. The rougher and more natural the brick looks, the better it will suit the steampunk style. Faucets should be made out of "antique" brass, which should look worn out. The washbasin and bathtub deviate from classic white enamel standards in favor of a brown glossy version.

Some especially creative steampunk fans manage to design a bathing container for a miniature submarine with a cropped top and a metal ladder that leads "on board". Chests and storage boxes are chosen from classic models, which are decorated with the same pipes and gears.

The lighting should be left dimmed: there are enough reflective surfaces in the room to scatter it enough to fully light the room.

Vintage style interior

Vintage style interiors combined with science and fantasy create a magical and mesmerizing world in any room. The emphasis on technology makes the steampunk style attractive and unusual in its own way. The combination of red copper with hints of natural wood creates a spectacular combination characteristic of futurism.

An apartment stylized as an old submarine looks unusual and fascinating, where the main emphasis is on the progress of human engineering. It is hard to imagine a Victorian interior without a massive leather sofa, which can become the central element of the composition.

The ideal lighting fixture for this style is a retro Edison lamp. If, during the implementation of the arrangement project, more emphasis will be placed on Victorian England, then it is worth taking a closer look at vintage forged lamps with large lampshades.

Instead of a traditional main light source, we recommend hanging a massive vintage-style lamp, stylized as an old airship. The more authentic the shots and details of your airship, the more authentic the entire interior of the room will look.

Advice! By analogy with the steampunk loft style, all open communications on the walls and ceiling look very organic. Therefore, we categorically do not recommend the use of stretch ceilings and plasterboard structures. Brutalism, simplicity and a certain deliberate roughness of the finish are your mast.

Vintage interiors and Victorian furniture

An abundance of leather upholstered furniture will help to recreate a vintage interior . A leather sofa and a pair of classic armchairs with a modest design are the perfect fit for steampunk. Old sewing tables with raw gothic wrought iron trim can be used in place of a console table in a living room or bedroom. It is also a great replacement for an RTV table if it is hung from the wall.

Interior elements in vintage style: a plasma screen TV or computer monitor can be framed in a gold or copper frame, and a wall heater or climate control panel can be framed like a shiny control box of an old deep-sea submarine.

Several thin curved tubes can be used as an unusual bookshelf. If the pipes are old and worn, don't worry, they look best as a base for plump folios with gold-plated, worn spines.

Vintage and antique steampunk accents

For the final elaboration of details, each picture needs accents, and interior compositions, and this case is no exception. Even if you follow all of our advice and ideas, but forget to include a few characteristic vintage elements of this or that era in your steampunk design - all your efforts can be wasted. So be patient and take a close look at what surrounds you.

Perhaps you don't have to look too far; perhaps you have an antique phone with its elegant brass handle that's gathering dust in your garage?

Tip: At flea markets, scrap yards, antique dealers, and even retired tram depots, you can buy the best original steampunk accessories for next to nothing (and sometimes for free). With minimal repairs, they can become a real gem of your project! Also look out for old (or maybe new) Underwoods style or other typewriters. They perfectly complement the metal shelves, and can also become an original decoration of the console.

If you are a fan of the submarine and Captain Nemo aesthetic, you can install fake portholes with black or dark blue glass on the wall. If necessary, they can also have lighting, thereby solving the problem of uneven lighting in certain places in the room. Next to it, you can place massive wall barometers in copper frames, an elegant composition of family photos with a sepia effect in brass, copper or wooden frames.

Blackened maps with traces of use, stains and scuffs, graphic photographs of airships or detailed drawings of futuristic steam locomotives complete the look. They can be beautifully arranged at the levels of cabinets and shelves, as well as hung on the walls. Don't forget the classic balloons with gilded details.

A massive clock with Roman numerals and an open mechanism can be the final steps in this variation of the vintage-style interior . Of course, it is desirable that they, despite their antiquity, still function - then you can sit in your favorite leather armchair for long evenings, smoke a pipe or drink English tea, watch the progress of the clock's hands and, of course, plan your future adventures.

RESTART FURNITURE for interior and renovation in vintage style

The Restart Company offers its customers a wide choice in the design and implementation of handicraft kitchen parts, stoves, kitchen blocks, faucets, accessories and handmade ceramic tiles. They design and make typical Tuscan kitchens, perfecting the traditions of their production with the use of handicraft details of the highest quality.

Restart is located in Antella (Florence, Italy). The Italian company Restart redesigns Ilve, Gaggenau, Liebherr, Amana, and General Electric appliances - making them outwardly aged to better match the country style. Restart is a unique enterprise located in the famous Italian city of Florence, the city of true masters of art.

The company specializes in creating masterpieces from serial models of household appliances, decorating and artificially aging them. The company works for those who appreciate the comfort and warmth of feelings, and do not want to surround themselves with the cold high-tech style. Country style creates a truly cozy home and gives the whole interior a sense of stability. Previously, it was quite difficult to choose modern appliances for such a style, which over the years acquired more and more "other worldly" forms and did not fit in with the general style of the interior.

Redesigned to make things look aged, Restart has gained real recognition among connoisseurs. The splendor of warm colors that Restart provides is distinguished by a huge number of color solutions, and the use of non-ferrous metals. This is a classic style that will give a touch of comfort and magic to a modern kitchen. Country style, which is alien to thin cold lines, warms with the heat that only a hot summer day can give, and gives positive colors and homely details. That is why the Restart Technique is gaining popularity, by creating unique country interiors.

The high-quality technology used for the design of Restart allows you to meet every need in a modern kitchen. Restart offers a wide range of products which include deep fryers, special burners, steamers, and glass-ceramic and induction stoves, all in any combination. Restart produces built-in ovens, freestanding refrigerators, gas ovens, electric and gas stoves, hoods, sinks, faucets, wood-fueled stoves and other unique products. In addition to free-standing and built-in appliances, as well as kitchen units, the Restart lineup includes accessories. These are well built models with a smooth look.

The artists of our workshop were initially inspired by the works of the Restart Company, from which the long path of development for our company began.

The specialists of our craft workshop are ready to make any equipment in the steampunk style no worse than the RESTART Company can.

Vintage styled renovation

The main idea of a vintage style renovation is the unobtrusive introduction of vintage items and decorative elements into everyday interiors. In fact, it's not far from classicism, with some shades of retro and Provence style. But the influence of modernity cannot be ignored. Therefore, in the vintage design of the interior there is always room for new, practical designs and materials.

The main thing is their external correspondence to a certain era, causing a slight nostalgia for the past. Indispensable attributes of vintage style are real antiques or antique items. They give the interior a special coziness, romance and at the same time serve as a kind of indicator of taste and elegance.

Another important feature that makes it hard to confuse the vintage style with the direction of retro or Provence is its belonging to a certain era. This is exclusively XIX-XX century. Anything older is a different story. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable balance between the past and the present.

When decorating a room in vintage style, due attention should be paid to materials and trims. For the ceiling, the ideal solution would be white paint, whitewash or light plaster. The most authentic solution for wall decoration will be wallpaper (plain, striped or floral), plaster or paint. It all depends on the placement of accents.

If rare furniture is a key element in the design of the room, a neutral trim is preferable. In case you decide to go with a modest setting, walls with a bright pattern and appropriate decorative elements should attract attention. Floors can be covered with large worn-effect tiles, parquet or parquet boards.

Artificial interior lighting in vintage style should not be too bright. A multi-level arrangement of sources of warm, diffused light is welcome. In addition to a chandelier with a spectacular fabric lampshade, you can use floor lamps with fringes or frills, antique table lamps, bronze or copper lamps.

Regardless of the main furnishings, style cannot be created without furniture. To match the vintage direction, it must be antique or stylized antique. It would be beneficial if there are traces of scuffs or small cracks that indicate that the object has stood the test of time. But at the same time, the furniture should remain durable and aesthetic.

The most prominent representatives of vintage-style furniture are:

  • carved wooden dressing table;
  • grandpa's chest;
  • village style buffet;
  • a sideboard with an exquisite pattern;
  • a rare dresser;
  • a rocking chair.

Another important point is that all pieces of furniture should harmonize with each other to a certain extent and belong to the same era, but at the same time a museum-like feel is unacceptable.

Vintage renovation and use of decorative elements

Decorating a room in vintage style will not be the same without the use of decorative elements. They must be carefully chosen to prevent the feeling of an exhibition or simply a cluttered space.

The most common vintage style items are:

  • antique clocks;
  • carved jewelry boxes;
  • china;
  • original candlestick holders;
  • embroidered tablecloths;
  • knitted napkins;
  • delicate curtains with Richelieu embroidery;
  • antique dolls;
  • copper figurines;
  • framed black and white photographs.

In general, a vintage-style interior is an ideal solution for creative and self-sufficient people who respect simplicity and practicality. It fills the room with soulfulness and comfort, allowing for slight negligence and allowing the use of outdated and modern objects at the same time. This is a free style that allows you to fully express your taste and respect for history.