Shoe Cleaning Machines

Now an increasing number of large shopping and business centers are installing shoe cleaning machines at the entrance, so that everyone can freely receive the service of cleaning their shoes.

The principle of operation of a shoe polisher is quite simple. Outwardly, it is a box with a niche, the body of which is equipped with a rotating mechanism. Brushes for shoes for various purposes (cleaning, polishing) are attached to it. Simply place the shoes in the niche with the rotating brushes, and they will do everything by themselves. Some models are equipped with additional brushes that will clean the sides and soles of the shoes, as well as applyshoeshine cream and polish the surface of the shoe.

The mechanical elements of a shoe polisher are activated by a start button or a sensor.

Despite the fact that specialized shoe polishing machines are not very popular in the CIS, more and more users are interested in this device. Before you purchase such equipment, you should learn about its advantages and disadvantages, as well as familiarize yourself with the equipment, operating features and the best models.

Advantages and disadvantages of shoe cleaning machines

Machines called shoe shiners or shoe cleaners have characteristic advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before purchasing such equipment.

The main advantages of the devices:

  • Convenience. Unlike the manual method, cleaning shoes with a machine is much more comfortable. Some shoe polishing machines have so-called foot control, which allows the use of the equipment for those people who have certain problems with their joints or spine. With this technology, you do not need to bend over - just insert your foot into the device.
  • Efficiency. As practice shows, a shoe polisher does its job much better than manual cleaning with a regular shoe brush or rag. With the help of such a device, you can quickly remove dust, as well as large particles of dirt. For the second situationa special compartment is provided that collects dirt so it can later be disposed of.
  • Speed. If with the manual method, shoes are cleaned on average in 5-10 minutes, then using specialized equipment, dirt can be removed much faster - in about 20-30 seconds for a pair to get fully cleaned.

Shoe Shine Machine Advantages

Shoe Shine Machine Advantages

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, specialized equipment does indeed have some disadvantages. For example, the internal dispenser of such devices must be regularly filled with a shoeshine cream or any other cleanser - without this substance, the machine will not be able to function at full capacity.

It should be noted that it is impossible to process any shoes made of suede, velour,nubuck or any other soft material. Also, boots and shoes coated with varnish cannot be cleaned - only those products that are made of genuine leather or its substitute. Otherwise, the material may be damaged.

Disadvantages of Shoe Shine Machines

Disadvantages of Shoe Shine Machines

On the modern market, you can find a large number of different devices for cleaning shoes, which are conditionally divided into several categories.

First, consider the classification of equipment based on the purpose:

  • Home shoeshine machines are quite compact and lightweight units that are easy to install. The vast majority of home shoe-shine machines operate through an outlet. Such models are designed for both regular cleaning and polishing - such actions are carried out using special brushes. In this case, the wash cream is injected directly into the container. Floor structures for the home are usually turned on via a touch panel or a physical button.
  • Industrial shoe polishing machines are effectively used in offices, airports, shops and restaurants, which makes it possible to quickly and thoroughly clean shoes from dirt before entering. A feature of industrial shoe polishing machines is faster operation, which is why such units are capable of serving about 300-500 pairs of sneakers, boots and other types of shoes per day. An equally important feature is the greater weight and dimensions. And also such devices are often equipped with a paid mechanism, which makes it possible to increase the profits of an enterprise or company.
  • Street shoeshine machines. Distinctive features of street models are increased operational and structural characteristics, due to which such devices can work even at low temperatures or prolonged precipitation. Mechanical machines work due to built-in brushes and a steam generating device. Most of these models are supplied with a handle, with which the device is powered. Despite the described advantages, street models for soles or boots work much slower than industrial or home ones. In addition to the above varieties, specialized cleaning equipment is conditionally classified based on the principle of operation. In this case, the devices are divided into manual, electric, combined or semi-automatic devices.
  • Manual shoe polishing machines. The main feature of manual machines is their small size, which is why such a device fits easily into a backpack or a deep pocket. Such equipment is mainly powered by batteries, but there are also network adapters. In the design of manual shoe polishers, you can find small removable brushes and specialized sponges, with which shoes are polished. To use this device, you should pick it up, activate it, and clean without pressure using circular motions.
  • Electric shoe shine machines are directlyoperated by the person using it. Unlike similar options, the presence of a mechanized switch allows you to more efficiently operate the foot system, which makes it possible to increase the accuracy of the brushes. Such models are most often characterized by large dimensions, therefore they are often made in the form of industrial or office machines. Stainless steel sheet, metal, wood or chipboard panels are usually used as production materials.
  • Semi-automatic shoe polishing machines have the ability to turn on and off the device on their own once as the shoes are completely clean. This characteristic greatly increases the usability - the user does not need to perform additional actions to turn on the device.

Popular models of shoe cleaners

Since a wide variety of specialized cleaning machines can be found in stores, the user needs to know about the most popular manufacturing organizations involved in their manufacture.

Experts distinguish the following models, which differ in quality, durability and convenience:

  • Kalorik SP2. A semi-automatic shoe polisher, characterized by the presence of three functional brushes for polishing and hard cleaning. Management is done with a high handle. Additionally, the equipment is equipped with a thick dirt mat. The body is made of durable steel, which increases performance. The volume of the inner shoeshine cream container within the dispenser is 100 ml.
  • Polirolka Family G4. A distinctive advantage of this model is an expensive and attractive design. The body of the equipment is made of high-quality wood, covered with false gilding. It also features a retro design. The model works with the help of a foot mechanism or manual control. The volume of the tank is 150 ml with a power of 90 watts.
  • Heute Polifix 2. A high quality German home-style shoe polisher Distinctive features of the device - small weight and small dimensions. Equipped with soft and hard brushes for polishing and cleaning. The container holds 200 ml of cleaning liquid.
  • In addition to the above equipment, you should pay attention to the domestic model called "Eco Leader". This device has a presentable appearance and can take on around 150-200 people per day. The device is also characterized by a metal case weighing 17 kg, foot control and a capacity for a cream substance of 500 ml.

In addition to replacement brushes and additional nozzles, you can also find the following accessories in specialized stores: an on and off button, a holder for a compartment, a film for shoe covers and cream dispensers. Some manufacturers immediately add several brushes, instructions, a dirt mat and an additional device for cleaning internal components to the package.

Tips for choosing a shoe polisher

Before you purchase a specialized shoe shine machine, you should consider certain recommendations regarding the choice.

In the process of buying a shoe polisher, experts recommend paying attention to the following factors:

  • The power of the shoe polisher. An indicator that is responsible for the speed, efficiency and energy consumption of cleaning equipment. The optimal value is 100-150 watts.
  • The number of different brushes in the shoe shine polisher. Depending on the purpose, the user chooses a machine based on the total number of brushes. For example, 2 brushes are not suitable for polishing and are used only as a preliminary removal of dirt.
  • The volume of the dispenser. in the shoe polisher. A particularly important indicator that determines not only ease of use, but also saving personal finances. The optimal volume is a dispenser from 150 to 200 ml.

In addition to the aforementioned factors, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing organizations involved in the creation of shoe polishing machines. As practice shows, it is better to purchase devices from popular companies than to use unknown brands. It is also necessary to pay attention to the guarantees. Experts recommend buying equipment, the warranty period of which starts from 1 year. Otherwise, if any breakdowns or malfunctions occur, the user will spend a significant amount of time and personal funds to repair the device.

As for the cost, the price is not always an indicator of quality. It is better to analyze the various models presented on the modern market in advance. In the context of additional technical parameters, you should also pay attention to the design of the machine and its additional structural elements.

Tips for Choosing a Shoe Shine Machine

Tips for Choosing a Shoe Shine Machine

In order to properly use a specialized machine for cleaning various shoes, you should familiarize yourself with certain recommendations.

The operation of most popular models take place in several steps:

  • Installing the equipment on a flat surface.
  • Pouring polish or cream into a special container for 50% of the total volume.
  • Connecting the appliance to the main grid using an outlet socket.
  • Turning the device on, and placing your foot with a shoe on in a special niche.
  • Moving the foot under the brush with cream or polish.
  • Turning off the equipment with a button, and unplugging the cord from the grid.

For better performance and efficiency when operating the machine, the foot should be moved in different directions. Such advice will allow you to clean your shoes much faster and better. Some popular models of shoe shiners turn off on their own - for this, there is a special panel on their body, with which a timer is set. The most advanced and modern devices are equipped with an additional mode in which the equipment independently understands the moment when cleaning should be turned off.

In order for the device to last a long time and be efficient, it is necessary to change the main brushes from time to time. And you should also pay attention to the inner cellular rubber mat, which collects large particles of dirt. In high-quality devices, such material is easily removable and should be washed.