What is customization

To put it in simplest terms, customization – это адаптация товара под вкусы определенного клиента через частичную partial transformation of the design or the structure itself. Where this phenomenon originates and how widely it has spread, we will try to find out.

Goals of Customization

It is easy to guess that the word "customization" or "customizing" comes from the word "customer" - buyer, client, and "customize" - set up, make to order. In fact, it is an individual adjustment of a mass product according to the preferences of the customer.

Accordingly, "custom" is a product that exists in a single copy or is produced in a extremely limited quantities.

Goals of customization:

  • Meet the needs of a small targeted audience;
  • Diversify the products;
  • Attract attention via advertisements.

A custom product is of interest to the buyer primarily because it is only created from a special order. At the same time, the product often changes its properties, and also has a higher price, which makes it very hard to sell it on a large scale.

Customization is used for a product that is used by everyone and everywhere in order to be able to distinguish it from the crowd. Therefore, customization is mainly applied to cars, motorcycles and interior design.

Custom acoustic system

Custom acoustic system

Customization of automobiles and motorcycles

Customizing automobiles and motorcycles has always been a way of expressing the individuality of their owners.

With the development of the vehicle market, people began to modify them: some sought better technical properties, while others wanted to express themselves in style. As a result, custom motorcycles and cars became popular among hobbyists who changed the characteristics of the engine, the color of the cars, their rims, tires, and so on.

What first started as a hobby, custom vehicles began to take a full-fledged niche in the market in a fairly short period of time, where cars and motorcycles are constantly modified, customized to make them unique and visually appealing on the road.



Customizing household appliances

So how does interior customization work?

Custom kitchen equipment is the perfect solution if you can't choose from the options available on the market. If you have an unusual kitchen for which you cannot find standard appliances, or if the existing one simply does not satisfy your ideas and aspirations, customization comes to the rescue.

Some manufacturers create customized equipment, that solves all problems. The possibility of customization allows the customer to provide a detailed specification of how they see their future interior. Instead of building your kitchen around equipment, you can build equipment around your kitchen!

Customized cooking surface and sink

Customized cooking surface and sink

Customizing household appliances from Dmitriy Tikhonenko

At Dmitriy Tikhonenko's Craft Workshop , we understand that every kitchen is unique in its own way and sometimes only some piece of equipment is missing to complete its unique look. Our many years of experience allows us to help you create individual appliances for both private and public interiors.

Working only with natural materials - copper, bronze, brass- we make sinks, stoves, microwaves etc. in the unique style of the past. Our craftsmen can create any type of stove hood, to suit the style of your home, restaurant or bar. We can also combine several household appliances, so that they fit together or look better with existing ones.

Custom coffee machine from Dmitriy Tikhonenko

Custom coffee machine from Dmitriy Tikhonenko

Customization of interior from Dmitriy Tikhonenko

But our field of expertise is not limited to the kitchen. Various interior items can be customized, from things like: fireplaces, retro TVs to decor elements. You can choose the size, style, color and other details and our team will plan your interior according to your lifestyle. We take into account various aspects: the best position in space, ergonomics, practicality, accessories, etc. Once the design satisfies you, we move on to the production stage. The final phase is delivery and installation on site.

We understand that the style and needs of our clients are unique. Therefore, we strive to find the best interior solutions that match your tastes. Here are the key features of the Craft Workshop:

  1. All our works are unique;
  2. Our works are created by designers to achieve the perfect balance of style, beauty and practicality
  3. We guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and the use of only natural materials: copper, brass and bronze.

If you want to become the owner of something amazing in steampunk style, whether loft or industrial interiors, write to us, and we will help you improve the comfort of your life by providing the best interior solutions for your home, office, bar, hotel or restaurant.

Modified soap and towel dispensers

Modified soap and towel dispensers